Finding out that you cannot conceive right away can be frustrating, but there is a cure. First thing is to identify the cause. According to official data, one third of reproduction problems in a couple are due to female infertility, one third are due to male problems and one third involve both sides or unknown causes. Still, there is always a way. The purpose of this article is to show you the various aspects of the problem and to offer possible solutions concerning irregular periods and pregnancy. The sooner you get to it and the harder you try, the better your chances will be to fulfill your dream to have a baby.

Irregular Periods and Pregnancy: What May Cause Irregular Periods?

Irregular periods and pregnancy are somehow related with each other, though not in a good way. Women with regular menstrual periods have 11-13 yearly chances to conceive. The chances of women who have irregular periods on the other hand are much fewer. This though does not mean that they should give up the idea of having a baby. They just have to look deeper into the problem, try to find the answers to the questions and seek the help of a specialist.

First question is how to determine if your menstrual cycle is regular or not. Regular cycles are either 28 or 35 days. Every cycle that is consistently shorter that 21 days or longer than 36 days is considered irregular. The same holds true if your cycle varies every month.

Second question is what the reasons would be for cycle irregularity. Sometimes irregularity can be temporary, due to stress, overwork or some other kind of outside pressure. Chronic irregularity on the other hand is most often due to hormonal imbalance. In some cases it is associated with eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. Excessive physical exercise can also disrupt your menstrual cycle, especially if you are underweight.

Irregular Periods and Pregnancy: Is It Difficult to Get Pregnant If My Periods Are Irregular?

Though concerned about irregular periods and pregnancy, you don't have to worry too much. Irregular cycles do not kill your chances to get pregnant; just diminish them to some extent. Remember that ovulation, not menstruation, is the key factor for conception. As long as you have ovulation and you keep tracks of it, you definitely have a chance to get pregnant. The only problem is that if your cycles are rather long, in purely mathematical terms your opportunities to get pregnant are fewer.

Irregular Periods and Pregnancy: How to Improve the Chances of Getting Pregnant

First of all, you have to do everything possible to bring some regularity to your menstrual cycle. An important condition is to change your diet in order to improve your hormonal balance. And that can help regularize your cycle.

Here are some other useful things you can do:

1. Calculate Your Ovulation

If you have irregular cycles, it will be difficult to determine you ovulation without special tools. The most popular ones are: ovulation predictor kits, examining your cervical mucus and measuring your basal body temperature. The best way is to combine the three.

Another key factor is weight. Under or excessive weight can equally impair normal conception. There is a minimum weight for a woman to get pregnant normally. On the other hand, obesity can disrupt the normal production of hormones or increase insulin levels, causing overproduction of male hormones at the expense of egg production.

2. Have a Checkup

Consulting a gynecologist is very important if you have problems with conception. The specialist can determine professionally why your cycle is irregular by doing a checkup and prescribing blood tests. After that he/she may suggest different ways of conception, varying from alternative medicine to artificial insemination or in vitro procedure.

3. Eat Healthy

Taking the appropriate food can significantly boost your chances of conception. If you are underweight, you just have to take in more calories and gain mass. Still, there are some foods rich in folic acid, proteins, calcium, iron and vitamin E which stimulate the production of female hormones. You should also reduce alcohol, tobacco and caffeine to get the desired result.

4. Take Medication

If food and alternative methods won't work, your doctor may prescribe some medication in order to stimulate your ovulation. Clomid and Serophene are the most popular because they are known for decades as mighty ovulation boosters. Clomiphene has also proven its qualities. 10 percent of the women who have taken this medication ended up pregnant with twins.

5. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Optimal weight is crucial for getting pregnant. If you are too slim, your estrogen levels may be low, which could result in cycle irregularities. You might want to add a few pounds to increase your chances of getting pregnant and have a nice and healthy child if your wishes come true. On the other hand, if you are overweight, the chances to conceive are also quite reduced. You need to take a low-calorie diet and start exercising. The effort will pay in the end.

6. Do Some Regular Exercise

The tool is exercise; the key words are “regular” and “moderate”. Just be persistent instead of straining yourself too much. In this way, you will get into a nice physical shape without getting stressed.

7. More Tips for You

“No man is an island”, the poet said. We are social creatures and cannot live alone, so in this struggle of yours do not isolate yourself, seek support.

  • Always communicate with your partner-you are one whole and have a common goal.
  • Turn to professional counselor, support groups, books or movies to find a “soul mate”.
  • Get rid of the stress through relieving or pleasure activities like yoga, long walks, swimming, etc.
  • Avoid nerve-edging substances like caffeine.
  • Learn more about infertility and the options of solving this problem. The more you know about it, the more you will be at ease with it. You will see that you are not alone in this battle. There are many people in the world who have fought it and won.

If you and your partner want to learn more about increasing your chances to get pregnant, watch this video: