If you are pregnant, you will likely feel the baby moving inside of you between 16 and 22 weeks' gestation. But when can you feel baby move? This usually takes longer and is experienced differently for every pregnancy. Soon you will see little loops and kicks on the outside of the belly that others can feel if they have their hands in the right places.

When Can Others Feel Baby Move?

In many cases, women will be able to have others feel the baby move from about 20-24 weeks into the pregnancy, which is about halfway through the second trimester. If a woman is overweight or the placenta is located to the front part of the uterus, it may take longer for others to feel the baby move. In some people, movement will be felt by at least 30 weeks' gestation.

Here are some stories from mothers explaining when can others feel baby move:

  • I was over 23 weeks along before I could feel the baby move on the outside. My placenta was located at the front of my abdomen so I didn't feel movement as early as some women do. – Margie
  • I didn't feel the baby move myself until I was more than 20 weeks along. I had felt fluttering at about 14 weeks and it kept getting stronger every week. With my first baby, it was well over 20 weeks until I felt the baby move. I think it all depends on the location of the placenta. My daughter kicked a lot more than my son ever did. – Louise
  • I am currently at 29 weeks' gestation and have felt the baby move myself since I was 18 weeks along. The movements have only been able to be felt from the outside as of 23 weeks along and as soon as I yelled for my partner to come and feel, she just stoped kicking. I believe it also depends on exactly where the baby happens to be lying. – Lori
  • I am almost 22 weeks along and have felt my baby move with really strong kicks as of 17 weeks along. My baby's daddy has been able to feel the movements from about 19 weeks along. I can often see my stomach jumping around and think that I must have a really strong baby or a big one. – Lisa
  • I first felt the baby move at about 14 weeks along. My husband never felt her move the whole time. This is my second pregnancy and I am almost 20 weeks along. My husband has to push really hard in order to feel the baby. I sometimes have to push with my hands on his, so he knows how hard to push. My daughter has also felt the baby move and thinks it's funny. – Mary
  • I talked to my doctor and he said my husband should feel the baby on the outside about three weeks after I am able to feel the baby kick every day, so I'm guessing it will happen at about 20 to 25 weeks along. – Carrie
  • I began feeling the baby move about three weeks ago myself. My husband just felt the baby move last night and asked me if I felt that too. It was really obvious that the baby was moving. He was so happy that he blushed. – Mimi
  • I am about 20 weeks along with my second baby and my husband just felt the baby move a few days ago. The baby moved several times but he only noticed it the one time. – Kay
  • I am about a size 14-16 and my husband could feel the baby kicking on the outside at about 20 weeks along. I am now at 27 weeks and my belly jumps around all the time or the baby moves from one side of my belly to the other. – Becky

Tricks to Make Your Baby Move

After you know "When can others feel baby move?" but don't actually feel it once,there are some tricks you can use to get the baby to move more so that others can feel it move from the outside. Here are some of the tips you can try:

  • Lie down on your back. When you are moving around, the baby is more likely to sleep. She usually wakes up when you calm down and lie down at night. All you need to do is to lie down for about 1-2 hours and you will find that the baby will awaken and begin to move about. Change your position slightly as you lie down so that you are sometimes on your side, but don't move around too much.
  • Drink something. Take a drink of orange juice or some milk. This will liven up your digestive system so that the baby will wake up in response to the extra blood sugar in your system. Don't try and do it with caffeine or high fructose corn syrup as these are basically bad for you.
  • Eat something. The baby will respond to the increased gurgling of your digestive tract and will respond to the extra nutrients you get when you eat something. Try to eat something sweet like ice cream or chocolate because this will increase the blood sugar and the baby will wake up.
  • Listen to some nice music. The baby can hear music even from inside the womb. They tend to go to sleep when all they hear is the heartbeat of the mother and outside voices. Louder music will wake the baby up and will get it to move.
  • Simply relax. Every baby is different and some won't just move on command. Before twenty weeks, most women don't feel movement every day no matter what they try. After twenty weeks, you can try some of these tips to get the baby to move.

The following video just shows a funny way to make baby move in the belly.