8 Fun Indoor Activities for Preschoolers with Easy Steps

Keeping a child occupied in the house can be quite difficult and troublesome. The best way to deal with this is to come up with indoor activities for preschoolers, which are both interesting and good for their development. These indoor activities for preschoolers are proven to be successful with many parents and their kids, and are both simple and fun! These include soccer, dressing up and other pretend games.

8 Fun Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

1. The Train-Chain Game

Step 1: Grab a few cardboard boxes; make sure they are large enough for the kids to fit in.

Step 2: Next, ask the kids to decorate the exterior like a train. You can help to add wheels, windows and doors, etc.

Step 3: Provide the kids with ample art supply and let them loose wild in their imagination with decorations.

Step 4: Once the train is made, the kids can move about anywhere together in the train.

What Kids Learn: Children will learn the importance of a role every individual plays in a team.

2. Mother Says

Remember the game “Simon says” we used to play in our childhood? Well, this game is similar to that. This is a especially useful activity for fussy and disobedient children.

Step 1:Line all the children in a row and pick one kid at random to give a command such as“mother says run three steps forwards.”

Step 2: If they reply “Mommy, may I?”, then you respond with a yes or no.

Step 3:In this manner, keep a reward for whoever finishes first. And whoever forgets to use their manners when you give them a command, get them to start over again. Give each kid a chance to replace you.

What Kids Learn: It teaches children to show respect.

3. Socks Ball

This game takes its name from basketball and is equally fun and easy to play as well.

Step 1: When you have done washing clothes next time, separate all socks out and ask your kid to make pairs out of them.

Step 2: After your kid match each sock right, you tell him how to roll them into a “ball.”

Step 3: Then put shoe boxes a few feet apart and label each box with a family member’s name.

Step 4: Ask your kid to shoot each box with the right pair of socks. You can also give points to your kid and settle a reward.

What Kids Learn: Children can learn to be responsible and helping in everyday chores.

4. Dress-Up Relay

This is an engrossing game, which can be played with single or multiple kids. And in fact, parents too can join this game.

Step 1: Gather all old clothes around the house and make out two teams.

Step 2: Put the clothes in corner of the house and ask one player from each team to run to that corner and get dressed with as many clothes as possible.

Step 3: After the kid has dressed, he has to run to the next corner where another member of his team is waiting, and he is to undress as soon as possible and the other team member has to put on the clothing.

Step 4: The game continues until every member has completed their turn. The team to complete the challenge first wins and receives a reward.

What Kids Learn: Relay games test coordination and speed.

5. Toss to Score

If your kids like board games, this is a game which combines both action and board games in one, making it a cool indoor activity for preschoolers. Here is how the game is played:

Step 1: Take a large paper, preferably a cardboard and divide it into twelve same-size squares.

Step 2: Number all squares from 1 to 12 randomly and collect 24 buttons—12 in one color, 12 in another.

Step 3: Make two teams, and each team gets 12 buttons of the same color. Stand at a same distance and toss the buttons with a finger flick towards the board.

Step 4: Whatever number the button falls on is the score of that person. Note down the score in each turn and the team with the highest score wins.

What Kids Learn: Tossing buttons combines agility with math skills.

6. Cardboard Soccer

Who needs a whole ground to play soccer when you can play it on a piece of cardboard!

To play this game, you will need some scissors, a large piece of cardboard, twist ties, berry baskets, glue, aluminum foil, two markers of different colors and pain brush.

Step 1: Cut the berry basket in two halves, and each half makes a goal to tie with a twist tier to the middle ends of the cardboard.

Step 2: Use your green markers to draw grass and the white marker to make the boundary of the cardboard field.

Step 3: Make two holes in the center of the baskets and make a ball out of aluminum foil.

Step 4: Use your first and middle finger to kick the ball. The maximum scorer wins!

What Kids Learn: Children practice coordination through playing this game.

7. Flower Necklace

This is a fun activity when you have girls in your house. Collect some pipe cleaners, artificial flowers and glue (a hot glue gun works as well) to get started.

Step 1: Fold the pipe cleaners in half, and glue the ends.

Step 2: Insert the artificial flower in the ends of the pipe cleaner, then twist the ends together, leaving a small circle.

Step 3: Do this with as many flowers as you like and insert the flower through the created circle of the other one naturally and twist tightly.

Step 4: Go on doing this around the necklace until it is done. Voila! Flower necklace is ready!

What Kids Learn: Children can think in an imaginative way and practice hands-on skills.

8. Bubble Art

This fun indoor activity for preschoolers is inspired by the classic "blow bubbles", which no one would say no to, even adults.

 Step 1: Grab some temporary paints, dish soap and water.

Step 2: In a small plastic container, add some soap with three tablespoons of paint and half cup of water. Then use a straw blow air in the mixture until air bubbles start forming.

Step 3: Lay a paper on top of the container to pop the bubbles; this leaves a beautiful pattern on the paper.

What Kids Learn: Children can develop their imagination and have lots of fun through art work.

If you are into science and don’t want things go out of control when playing games, then watch this video and learn this cool science activity for your kid: