image001 If you are throwing a baby shower for both men and women, it will always be a little different than the traditional baby shower which is only for women. A baby shower is like any other type of party in which you need to think about your guests when planning the invites, food, and activities.

Some people tend to treat coed baby showers more like small family parties. In this case, you will have less frilly activities and fewer games such as those at women-only baby showers. Instead, you tend to take the time to catch up with people and focus on the food. Planning some baby shower games for men can help you hold a more succeessful baby shower.

How to Plan a Baby Shower Where Men and Women Are Present

The following guidelines can make it easier to plan a coed baby shower:

  • Have more males present than just the expectant father.
  • Make sure the invitations are guy-friendly with limited amounts of pink.
  • Have the couple register for gifts at a baby store.
  • Keep men in mind when planning party favors. Avoid things men might not enjoy such as jellybeans within a baby bottle.
  • If you decide to play games, make sure the future father and his friends will enjoy it.
  • When opening gifts, either have both expectant parents open them together or take turns doing so.
  • Prepare lots of food.

Top 8 Baby Shower Games for Men

1. Clothespin Game

When each guest arrives, put a clothespin on their shirt or pants. Ban the subjects of shopping, sports, and saying the name of the future baby. If you see someone mentioning one of these subjects, you get to take their clothespin. When the parents open gifts, whoever has the most clothespins will win something.

2. Baby Word Scramble

Make a list of common words related to babies with scrambled letters (such as teltob instead of bottle). Have copies for everyone and give them a minute or two to see who can unscramble the most.

3. Diaper Manufacturing Time

The guests divide into pairs and one gets blindfolded. Every pair gets a baby doll or stuffed animal and a cloth napkin. The non-blindfolded partner gives the blindfolded one instructions on how to make the perfect diaper. The expectant parents then judge and both the worst and best diapers get prizes.

4. The Changing Challenge

Male guests get to be team leaders and pick their teams. Each team gets a doll with a “dirty” diaper, a clean diaper, and wipes. (Use melted chocolate or apple juice to dirty the diapers.) Each member of the team does a different step in the changing process (removing the old diaper, cleaning the doll, placing the new diaper, disposing of the waste). The expectant parents can judge which team does the best job.

5. Baby Bottle Drink Off

This one of baby shower games for men involves buying baby bottles and filling all of them with juice. The guests then race to see who can finish their bottle first. Another option is a baby bottle relay in which the team lines up and each member has a bottle full of juice. After the first person in line finishes their bottle, the next one can start. The first team to completely finish wins.

6. Don’t Drop the Baby

This is a great baby shower game for outdoor parties, especially in the summer. Have the guests form pairs and stand across from each other. Give one member of each pair a balloon and have everyone toss it to their partner. If it breaks, they lose. If it doesn’t, they take a step back. Keep doing this until one team wins.

7. Pregnant Twister

You have to plan ahead of time for this game by buying pillows, fanny packs, and weights such as soup cans, or bags of sand or water. Everyone who isn’t pregnant puts a pillow underneath their shirt and wears a fanny pack filled with weight. When everyone is ready, you start playing Twister. Pregnant guests can play, but don’t need to use the pillows or fanny packs.

8. What’s in the Diaper?

Take a few (five to six) different chocolate types and melt them in numbered diapers, making note of which chocolate is in which diaper. Have each guest smell the diapers and write down their chocolate guesses. Whoever has the most right answers wins.

Want to see how men play the baby shower game “diaper manufacturing time”? Check out the video below:

More Tips on Baby Shower Games for Men



Call it a celebration

Guys tend to get scared of the idea of baby showers, the activities and conversation that goes with it. Instead of referring to the party as a baby shower, call it a celebration, including on the card. Keeping in mind that it isn’t a “shower,” make sure the guests know that the party is to help the parents prepare for their new baby and have a list of places the parents are registered.

Make the party as casual as possible

Men will want good food and drinks. Consider having a barbecue and beer or pink and blue cocktails on your back porch (with non-alcoholic options for the pregnant women). You can also choose to make a signature drink or simply have some beer on hand.

Be careful when playing games

Make sure that if you do, they appeal to both women and men. At the end of the party, give your guests some sort of goody bag. Consider making a custom CD or small bags filled with chocolate-covered pretzels or cookies.

Do not worry

The most important thing is to not worry too much about the party or reinventing the baby shower. That has been done before. Instead, focus on making sure your guests have fun.