image001How to get ring off swollen finger is pretty challenging, but you can definitely accomplish the task with mild discomfort and dedication. Ideally healthcare providers recommend delaying the ring removal process until the swelling has gone down (as long as there is no discoloration of finger like bluish, ashen or purplish tint of skin that may suggest poor blood circulation). However, if you have experienced a moderate intensity injury to your finger, you should seek emergent medical attention as inflammatory swelling in addition to constriction by ring may act as a tourniquet to further compromise the blood circulation, ultimately leading to permanent damage to tissue.

In other instances, when ring is stuck in your swollen finger without any injury, you can use some home remedies to remove the ring but it is highly recommended to avoid attempting the removal process if the finger is bluish or purple and in situations where the finger is numb.

How to Get a Ring off a Swollen Finger

Attempting to remove ring off a swollen finger may take some time and you may have to use more than one method as there is no hard and fast rule, but the core benefit lies in the fact that no special instruments or equipment is needed. In situations where a specialized equipment is needed, ring removal should be attempted by a trained healthcare professional.

1. Try to Reduce the Swelling of Skin

The first and foremost step is to take measures in order to reduce the swelling. This can be done by using tape, rubbing lotion or oil and spraying with chemical gas. Here is how swelling of the finger can be reduced by these simple remedies:

  • Increase your water intake and limit your salt ingestion
  • Swelling of fingers is more pronounced in the morning, so ideally initiate the removal process in late afternoon or evening
  • In order to facilitate the normal circulation and venous return, use the counter-effect of gravity. Keep your hand in elevated position (ideally above the level of heart). This will reduce the swelling substantially. This should be followed by soaking your fingers in cold water (or even iced-water bath for a few minutes). Cold water induces vaso-constriction (narrowing of blood vessel) that almost immediately reduces the swelling.

2. Lubricate Your Finger

Although reduction in swelling is fairly helpful, you can also add a little lubrication to facilitate the removal. Lubrication reduces the risk of peeling, redness, discomfort and additional swelling. Agents such as cooking oil, butter, petroleum jelly, soap or good moisturizing cream are best suitable options. You can also use hemorrhoids cream (that is especially helpful in reducing inflammation).

Apply copious amounts of lubricant and gently move your ring sideways in rolling fashion. You may feel a little pressure or discomfort but with little persistence, you can successfully remove the ring. Do not try to tug or push the ring forward.

3. Try Glass Cleaner

When it comes to how to get ring off swollen finger, using commercial glass cleaners (like Windex) has added benefit of reducing the risk of scratches, strains or marks on skin or jewelry besides gentle removal of ring. Make sure to spray the glass cleaner properly all over your finger before attempting removal.

4. Use Dental Floss or Tape

Dental floss is another effective remedy that may require a little extra precision and patience. The method is simple and requires you to softly slide one end of the dental floss under your ring. Now take the other end of loss and gently wrap it around your finger. This will create a little pushing cushion for the stuck ring. Make sure to lose the wrapped floss around the finger as you move the ring as tight constriction may compromise blood circulation of finger. Once your ring reaches the point of knuckles, it should come right off with little effort. You can also use tape instead of dental floss.Here is the video demonstration for your help:

5. Use an Oxygen Mask Strap

You can also remove the ring by using an elastic bank (from an oxygen mask or any other source). The procedure will be similar to the dental floss procedure. Here is a video demonstration:

For Stubborn Rings

This remedy involves multiple methods, used altogether until the ring comes off. Follow the step wise procedure:

  • Wrap a piece of tape just under your ring and leave it on for 30 minutes
  • Now soak your hand in ice cold water for 15 minutes (for best results, keep your hands above the level of heart)
  • Now take the tape off and gently spray window cleaner on your finger and gently use pull and twist to removal the ring in circular fashion

What Are Some Precautions That Must Be Considered?

How to get ring off swollen finger? Here are some precautions that must be accounted for while attempting the removal of ring from swollen finger.

  • Never try to remove the stuck ring forcefully as it may distort the shape of ring and makes it even harder to remove
  • If you are experiencing severe pain or moderate pressure in your finger, do not attempt removal and opt for professional help
  • In situations where you are suspecting a fracture or dislocation of finger, never attempt the removal of stuck ring as it can increase the risk of injury and substantial damage to tissues
  • If you experience tingling sensation, discoloration of skin or loss of sensations along the finger, contact a healthcare professional who may use specialized procedures to remove the stuck ring. Worst case scenario, your ring will be cut to alleviate pressure and pain. However, you can always contact a jeweler for repair of damaged or cut ring.