Want to celebrate your kid’s birthday in a way that he or she will never forget? Birthday party themes for kids are huge these days. They might take a lot of work, but they are usually worth it, considering how well these parties work for kids of all ages. Choosing a theme can make that hard work easier, as it helps to take the guests work out of the games, decorations and food.

How to Choose Birthday Party Themes

The options for birthday party themes for kids can be endless, so this is the hard part: which one to be chosen for your child’s big day. In order to choose the proper birthday party theme, keep these tips in mind:

Step 1: Consider Your Child’s Interests

What does your child really love? Look to that to create a birthday party theme. A girl who adores princesses and Disney movies can be satisfied with a princess party, while a boy who is into pirates might like to search for the treasure at his backyard smash! The options are broad – for instance, a child who loves animals, cars, painting, and school offers four themes right away.

Step 2: Choose an Enjoyable Place

Next, consider places your child loves to go. Do they get a thrill out of the local pizza parlor? Is the fast food joint their thing? How about the pool, or the park, or any other place that is special to them? You can hold your themed party in a place that matters to your child.

Step 3: Find out Your Child’s Favorite Color

No matter what the theme is, the color can work wonders. A boy who loves red might like a red pirate ship. A girl who loves pink might enjoy the pink princess tiara for a day. You can even create a theme all about one color.

Step 4: Add Your Child’s Favorite Roles or Heroes

Favorite characters from movies or books, superheroes and other fun people can make the party a smashing success. If your child has a serious thing for the Incredible Hulk, imagine a party where he gets to ‘smash’ things with a rubber fist and may even take a smash at his Hulk-themed cake!

Step 5: Think about Your Child’s Hobbies

A child who has a certain hobby can be very happy with a birthday party theme in the same vein. For instance, a child who loves art could be content with easels and fingerprints set up for guests, as well as a big paint set as a gift. Cater to the hobbies to find a good theme.

No matter what theme you use, remember to take plenty of pictures. Your child will only have that particular birthday once, so make it count! Plenty of memories can be shared in later years.

To get even more ideas, check out this video on birthday party themes for kids:

Some Common Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Are you ready for some great ideas for your little sweetie? Here are a few themes she might love.

Birthday Party Themes


Alice in Wonderland:

Everything is a little crazy here! This afternoon tea party brings to mind the Cheshire Cat and all his friends. You can even watch the movie on a big outdoor theater screen.Everything is a little crazy here! This afternoon tea party brings to mind the Cheshire Cat and all his friends. You can even watch the movie on a big outdoor theater screen.


Who doesn’t love rainbows? Create a rainbow party with paper lanterns, streamers, pinwheels; tables wrapped in rainbow colors and so much more. Ask for “colorful” gifts to complete the look.

Hello Kitty:

One of the most classic birthday party themes, dressing your little one up as a fairy princess can be complete with pink balloons, tiny cakes and treats, “fairy dust” from her fairy wand, and more. Remember to have a princess moving playing on television in the background!



This fantastic party can use the Hello Kitty theme to an extreme. From cakes to cookies to “pin the bow on Kitty,” the options for this theme are as creative as you are.

Want some more guidance for birthday party themes? Here are some examples of a princess party:

Some Common Birthday Party Themes for Boys

Your son deserves a big day, too! Here’s what you can do to give him a great party:

Birthday Party Themes




Superheroes are all the rage! Let your kid dress up as his favorite superhero, get a themed cake, put posters on the walls, and create an obstacle course that all the superheroes have to get through in order to get to the candy at the end. Everybody makes it a party by dressing up as their favorite caped crusader.

Disney Cars:


The popular movie has spawned numerous birthday themes. Party favors could include small cars, and you can set the stage with tires stacked up at the front door, the movie playing in the background and racing games to keep the theme going.

Vintage Fashion:


Remember the old days of firehouses that had those handsome fire trucks? How about vintage baseball games? What about old movies that your kid loves? Older kids especially enjoy these vintage themes.



There’s nothing as cool as a little Jack Sparrow! Set up a pirate ship in the backyard, “bury” treasures here and there, and give guests a map to find it all. Be sure to make treasure chest cake and fill it with “gold” coins. Everyone must dress up!

Here’s more on how to create a pirate-themed party: