Going grocery shopping? Having a list of things to buy helps save you time and money. You avoid buying things you do not need and get the things you need much faster. Most items at grocery stores are very fairly priced when compared to other retail stores. This means that you not only save time since you get everything under one roof, but you also save money. Also, grocery stores offer a wider variety of one product to ensure you get everything that suits your needs and preference.

Best Things to Buy at Grocery Store

  1. Farm Produce

You will find fresh farm produce in most grocery stores. You can be sure that farm produce in a grocery store hasn’t been there for more than a day since people are always purchasing these items. For this reason, you should make a point of buying your vegetables from grocery stores as opposed to other retail places.

  1. Generic Products

Basic ingredients such as salt, flour, rice, sugar and milk are some of the best things to buy at a grocery store. You can be sure that you will get the same products as you would in a supermarket. However, you enjoy convenience since you only need to make one trip to the grocery store for all these products. Also, generic products are far much cheaper and still offer the same nutritional value.

  1. Bread and Pastries

Ensure you go for whole wheat bread, English muffins, and pita pockets. Whole grain flour tortillas are also a great choice. Always go for whole grain pastries as these offer you more fiber and fewer calories.

  1. Seafood and Meat

You will get a wide range of seafood and meat to choose from. You can go for healthier options such as turkey breasts and skinless chicken. Salmon, trout, mackerel and halibut are all readily available in grocery stores. When buying red meat, ask for the leanest meat as this is the healthier option. Consider getting ground turkey or chicken as opposed to ground beef. Ground turkey or chicken has lower amounts of fat. With the right condiments, you can create a wonderful flavor without the fat.

  1. Rice and Pasta

Ensure that you go for the brown rice option as it is more nutritious. Also, pick whole grain or whole wheat pasta. Go for whole grains over other options. They offer more nutrition as whole products are not over processed.  

  1. Condiments, Sauces, Salad Dressings and Oils

Mustard, tomato sauce, barbeque sauce, salsa, red wine vinegar, jarred olives and capers, canola oil, extra virgin olive oil, fat-free cooking sprays and hot pepper sauce are some of the best things to buy at grocery store. While most stores offer the low range sauces and condiments, you are guaranteed to find high quality, sugar-free varieties at grocery stores. You will also find low sodium sauces and condiments in grocery stores. Most other stores do not stock this variety.

  1. Breakfast Foods and Cereals

When choosing cereals, go for the multigrain or whole grain options. Whole grain cereal bars and instant oatmeal are also great choices. When you buy whole grain cereals, you enjoy more nutrients and also high levels of fiber. Instead of sugar, you can get berries, nuts or dried fruit to sweeten your cereals.

  1. Canned Foods and Soups

Grocery stores offer you a wide range of canned foods. You can find whole or dices tomatoes, canned salmon and tuna, ready to boil soups and broths, canned beans and peas and green chilies. It is always advisable to check the label for sodium quantities in the soup and canned vegetables. Always pick the low sodium variety. When it comes to canned fruits, grocery stores offer a choice between fruits preserved in juice or syrup. Always go for the juice option.

  1. Frozen Products  

Frozen vegetables are ideal when you’re making stews, casseroles and soups at home. Some of the best things to buy at a grocery store when it comes to frozen products include frozen shrimp, frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, frozen yoghurt, whole grain waffles and vegetable pizza.

  1. Dairy Products and Eggs 

On your list of dairy products, you need to include low-fat milk, fat-free yoghurt, fat-free cottage cheese, egg or egg substitute, butter and firm tofu. In case you prefer whole fat dairy products, you will find them readily available in the grocery store too. Avoid presweetened yoghurts as these are high in calories and sugar. You can instead get plain yoghurt and flavor it to your liking.  

  1. Crackers and Snacks 

Best things to buy at grocery store? Choose whole grain crackers. Nuts, healthy seeds like sunflower seeds, dark chocolate and Hummus are also some of the best things to buy at a grocery store when looking for snacks. All these are readily available in grocery stores while it may be hard to find them all in other convenience stores.

  1. Drinks

You will find a wide range of drinks in grocery stores. From unsweetened flavored teas to sparkling water and carbonated drinks. You can also get 100% fruit juice varieties as well as lemonades and juice drinks.

  1. Imported Fruits

It is not easy to get quality imported fruits in all convenience stores. However, grocery stores always stock up on imported fruits. You are guaranteed to find fresh imported fruits in grocery stores. When picking your bananas, choose the ones with slightly green tips as these will stay longer before they go bad. You are guaranteed to find a wide range of imported fruits in grocery stores.

  1. Baby Beets

These are far much better than canned beets and are readily available in grocery stores. They are great for soups and salads. Baby beets are rich in vitamins B, magnesium, potassium and iron.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Your kitchen should never lack apple cider vinegar. It is a great addition to your recipes and is also good for digestion. Go for the apple cider vinegar written ‘with mother’ on the label. It is not always available in the stores, but you can be sure to get it at a grocery store.

Don’t miss the above listed best things to buy at grocery store!