If you are pregnant and lose your baby before 24 weeks of pregnancy, this is referred to a miscarriage. It will be considered an early miscarriage if you experience the loss within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. If it happens between 12 weeks and 24 weeks, it is a late miscarriage. A miscarriage is a huge emotional blow, not only for you but for your loved ones as well. There will also be certain physical symptoms making things difficult. The most common issue is period-like pain and cramping with bleeding. The bleeding can be heavy or light and may as well contain blood clots. There are people wanting to know when is sex after miscarriage ok. Bleeding after miscarriage may come and go for a few days. While you may well be thinking of conceiving again, you may not be able to have sex until the physical symptoms go away.

When Can I Have Sex After Miscarriage?

The Answer

While you may feel tempted to have sex again to become pregnant, you should at least have a thorough pelvic exam before you have sex after a miscarriage.If you talk to your healthcare provider, they may allow you to have sex as soon as you and your partner feel emotionally and physically ready. You just need to wait for bleeding to finish or else there may be a chance of becoming infected.

Moreover, it is better to wait until you experience your first period after miscarriage.The grieving reaction after a miscarriage may affect the quality of sex after miscarriage, so do not be hasty and wait for some time before you get in the act.

Everyone Is Different

How you feel after a miscarriage may be different from someone who has gone through the same traumatic experience. Some women experience a miscarriage within the first 3-4 months of pregnancy. They usually do not experience other complications such as pelvic pain, heavy bleeding, fever, or vaginal odor. It is possible for them to have sex in 2-3 weeks of miscarriage.

Some women experience a late miscarriage, which is usually in the last five months of pregnancy. They may have to deal with certain complications, which means they need to wait at least six weeks before they could resume their sexual activity once again. Irrespective of when you miscarry, it is a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider and discuss when it is safe to have sex again.

Keep in mind that bleeding after a miscarriage is normal but it is should not be heavier than your normal menstrual period. If you it is heavy and have other symptoms, such as discolored or smelly discharge, you should contract your doctor immediately.

Learn to Cope with Emotions After a Miscarriage

Having sex after miscarriage may not be the same with before at first, considering what you’ve been through. While you will have to deal with physical changes, you will also be dealing with conflicting emotions after a miscarriage. These emotions often make it difficult to have sex any time soon. You have to be ready to have that intimacy in your relationship once again and understand that your body is capable of completing pregnancy this time. You need to be open about your feelings and let your partner know what you feel. Also, listen to them and understand what they feel. It is always a good idea to be patient and even seek bereavement support if necessary.

Some couples want to have sex but they are not mentally prepared to have another pregnancy. They want to delay it a bit. If that is the case, you should talk to your doctor and ask their help to select the best contraception for you. Be sure to use counseling services if you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship after a miscarriage.

When Can I Have Another Pregnancy?

While you can have sex when you feel ready, you may want to wait for at least three periods before you conceive again. It was usually the advice given by doctors in the past, and it was mainly because it would help work out dates of conception and delivery. Learn more about the best time to get pregnant after miscarriage and how to better prepare for that.

What Others Say About This

"I did not wait long to have sex after miscarriage; in fact, we had it 4 days after my miscarriage when I was still experiencing light bleeding. I would not recommend it though because it made me think I had contracted an infection. I started having sex again the day after my bleeding stopped completely."

"After the loss, my doctor advised me to avoid having sex or bath for at least a month due to infection. Since it was a natural miscarriage, I was not sure if I should wait for that long. My doctor advised me to wait for 3 months to conceive again because I miscarriage at 16 weeks. This was my 4th pregnancy and my last three pregnancies had no issues whatsoever. I believe you can resume sex after miscarriage when you feel ready for it. Just go with your instinct, but do not completely overlook your doctor's opinion."

"We resumed our sexual activities two days after my bleeding stopped completely. I believe you can have sex again when you are completely cleaned out. It was quite a rough experience because this was my fifth miscarriage and I had to take certain pills to get rid of everything left after miscarriage. It felt good to start it again though."

"Listen to what your doctor says at your appointment after miscarriage. I had to wait for 6 weeks after my first miscarriage to resume sexual activities because my blood flow was heavy and lasted long. I had to wait for a couple of weeks only after my second miscarriage."

"I wanted to have sex after miscarriage by my doctor advised against it. He told me to wait for at least a couple of weeks. She also told me to wait until I have my first period. My first period after miscarriage was quite weird though and I went 35 days. We started having sex after my first period and are using condoms as birth control."