There is much said about premature ejaculation, and there are many men who suffer from this problem. However, there are men who have the opposite issue – they have real trouble with ejaculating. Some men simply can’t get to climax, no matter what they are doing, even if it is very stimulating oral sex. Some of these men need to masturbate in order to get off at all. Learning how you can ejaculate faster while having sex might help remedy the problem.

How to Ejaculate Faster

When it comes to the question of how one can ejaculate faster, many men have tried almost everything. But these tips might be new. Remember that men can try some of these themselves, while some tips are best helped by the partner.

1.      Squeeze His Penis

Men can try this when they are getting ready to have sex. Squeeze the penis to force more blood to the head, which temporarily makes you more sensitive. The more sensitive you are, the faster you will get off.

One woman shares her techniques: “Gently pull on the skin of his testicles as he is moving in and out. This will help stimulate parts of his penis that don’t get stimulation from thrusting.”

2.      Suck His Finger

Give his mind something to think about that is different from intercourse. Suck on his finger while he is moving inside you, and you just might get a quick ejaculation.

3.      Imagine Something Else

Imagine a sex scene that you always wanted to have. Make love to her in whichever way you like. Thinking about your woman with someone else might be enough to get things going. Learning how to ejaculate faster often involves fantasies while having sex, at least in the beginning.

4.      Try Cowgirl Position

This position puts more direct stimulation on the penis, and that harder feeling is what many men need to reach orgasm. You can also try backward cowgirl, which has been shown to help men get off faster. Below are more more sex positions to spice up your sex life.

5.      Make Noise

The more a man can hear from his partner, the more likely he will get turned on. This is especially true if a man is very focused on the auditory part of the experience.

6.      Grab His Rear

Many men prefer the stimulation and pressure that comes from grabbing his rear during missionary sex. Some men might like to feel a finger pressed against their anus as well.

7.      Relax Your Body

Many men get tensed up because they know they will not ejaculate quickly. Avoid this by taking long, deep breaths and deliberately relaxing the muscles around your pelvic area.

8.      Stimulate His G Spot and Moan Zones

Men have a G spot too and that’s their prostate. You can find it a couple of inches inside his anus, something in the shape of a walnut. Give him a prostate massage for maximum enjoy and sexual arousal. Also men have erogenous zones that you might not know.

One woman says: “Push hard between his scrotum and his anus. That’s the prostate, or the male g spot. When you press here, especially while you are stimulating his penis, you just might be an ejaculation so strong that he gets lightheaded.”

HERE is more about this hidden spots to get your man more excited.

9.      Practice Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are not just for women, men can benefit from it, too. It not only strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, which support the bladder, but also affects sexual function. With more control over your pelvic muscles, you’ll have more control over sexual intercourse, and more importantly, more confidence in your sex life, that you can ejaculate faster if you want to.  Here’s how to do it:

Tips and Advice from Others

There are many men who are looking for the answer on how to ejaculate faster. That means there is a great deal of good advice to be learned from those who have gone through it before. Here’s what some of them recommended:

“Play with the spot right between the foreskin and the head. By doing this you get the most sensitive spot of his penis, and he will love that. It’s a part that is only stimulated in certain positions. While you do it, demand that he get off for you. Sometimes the pressure and the talking will be enough to make him explode.”

“Forget the alcohol! This will make things even more difficult. If he does drugs, then you are going to have a serious problem with ejaculation, no matter what you try. He has to stop the alcohol and drugs (if he does them) in order to make this work.”

“Remember that if you are getting off to porn all the time, you are used to a certain kind of masturbation stimulation. That means that when you do have sex with your girl, you don’t get the same feeling and so you don’t get off. Lay off the porn and you will get off faster.”

Note: Watch Out For Medical Causes

Learning how to ejaculate faster is a problem for a small number of men; in fact, some studies say that only three percent deal with this problem. That means that many doctors don’t understand it or what causes it. But regardless of that, you need to see a doctor if you have an issue with delayed ejaculation. There might be an underlying health problem, or you might be taking medication that is causing the problem. If you have other symptoms, even if they don’t seem related, get in touch with the doctor to get checked out.