Sometimes sex brings a few surprises. Among those surprises can be a swollen vaginal area after sex. What does it mean if you have a swollen vaginal opening after sex? Should you be worried? What if there are other problems, such as redness or irritation? The good news is that a swollen vagina after sex might not be as serious as you think. Read on to figure out what it means and what to do.

What Causes Vaginal Swelling After Intercourse?

“Help! I find my vagina swollen after sex! What does this mean?” That’s a common question that many women have after sex, so rest assured that you aren’t alone in your concerns.

1.      Arousal

A swollen vagina after sex can actually be a perfectly normal thing. Remember that the vaginal area tends to get swollen and wet when you are aroused, and that swelling might persist even after your sexual fun is over. That means that you can feel swollen for a while.

2.      Friction

Sometimes the simple friction of sexual activity can lead to swelling in that area. This is also a common problem, and will often go away soon after sex. If you are still swollen hours or even days later, this might be an indication that the sex was too rough or you weren’t lubricated enough.

3.      Allergy to Certain Products

Another common problem for women is an allergy to something that they used during a sexual act. This might be an allergy to the type of lubricant you used, to the condom or the spermicide in it, or even to the latex that is used to make the condom. If you used any massage oils, warming oils or creams, these might also contain ingredients that give you an allergic reaction – and thus, a swollen vagina after sex. This might also happen if you used a sex toy that was made of something that irritated your skin.

4.      Semen Allergy

Interestingly enough, some women are actually allergic to semen. It sounds crazy, but it’s true – and it can be a truly distressing thing for a woman. A swollen vagina after sex, especially when it happens every single time, might be caused by an allergy to semen or sperm. There is actually a name for this particular development, called human seminal plasma protein hypersensitivity. It can range from mild swelling and itching to serious allergic reactions that put you in the hospital.

5.      Vaginal Infections

Finally, you might have a pH balance in the vagina that is easily changed, even by the act of sex, and that can lead to infections and other problems that cause your vaginal area to swell. If you have a history of getting yeast infections or urinary tract infections after sex, this might be the problem.

What to Do About Vaginal Swelling After Intercourse?

1.    Enough Foreplay

First, always make sure you are wet and excited enough to invite penetration from your partner. The more excited and aroused you are, the easier it will be to have sex that doesn’t lead to any hurting or swelling. A little more foreplay is great, and being a little gentler will help, too. Remember that a woman needs more time than a man does to get aroused and ready, so make sure you have that time.

2.    Using Lubricants

If you have trouble producing enough lubrication to do the deed, consider over the counter lubricants that can help ease the way. But also keep in mind that you might have an allergy to one of these. Rule them out slowly, testing them each time to see if a particular lubricant is going to give you a swollen vagina after sex. You can do the same with testing different condoms to see what happens.

3.    Relying on Yogurt

You can also try some home remedies to find something that works to bring down the swelling or eliminate it altogether. Some women find great relief from eating more yogurt, thanks to the bacterial cultures that are in the food. You can also try applying fresh yogurt, made without any added sugars, to the vaginal area a few times to help ease the swelling.

4.    Cold Compress

Cold compresses might help for serious swelling. Applying a cold pack or ice cubes wrapped in a towel can often bring immediate relief. However, don’t continue to do this for more than a few days, as swelling that lasts that long needs to be checked out by your doctor.

5.    No Scratching

Never scratch at the area, because that can lead to even more problems. If the swollen area is itchy and irritated, it’s time to talk to your doctor, because it could be an infection that is causing the problem.

6.    Keeping Away from Irritants

And finally, avoid the use of any irritants, such as bubble bath, harsh soaps, deodorants, and other applications to the vaginal area. These might spark an allergic reaction, or they might make swelling even worse.

Remember that a swollen vagina after sex that lasts for a long time or happens every single time is cause for concern. That’s when you should contact your doctor to rule out any medical issue that might be causing the problem.