Tips on First Night Sex

First night sex is never easy for couples. They are full of nervous energy that makes them feel hesitant. They feel concerned about who will make the first move. They also have so many questions. In some cultures, many couples who don't know each other well often feel embarrassed of having sex on the first night of marriage. Keep reading to find out more about it, to make it less painful and more enjoyable.

Advice on First Night Sex

Different people have different views about the way to do first night sex. The best way is that husband take charge of things and initiate the first night sex without making her feel hurried. If you are in this situation, make sure that your wife is relaxed. You can make her feel better by saying some nice things to her or praising her beauty. 

1.        Getting Ready: Wear Something Special , Perfume, etc.

It is a good idea to undress in different rooms. You can also undress in the bathroom while your husband stays in the bedroom. Wear something comfortable. While in the bathroom, be sure to freshen up and use the toilet if you have to. It is obvious to feel nervous, but this may make you sweat a lot. So take a warm bath if you can and wash your armpits and crotch nicely. You can also use some perfume, especially in your navel, behind your ears, and behind your knees. Brush out your hair.

2.        Kiss and Feel Each Other

Go to your partner and let him initiate it. Let him kiss and hug you. While he's doing it, simply rub his back with your hands. You can even rub your body while he's hugging you. Before long, you will notice him becoming aroused. You may even feel his erection by now. He is more likely to take it to the next step by removing your robe and his. Let him proceed. Lie on the bed with your partner, facing each other.

3.        Prepare Each Other

Kissing will always help set the mood. By now, your partner would be confident enough to rub your breasts, back, butt, and thighs. Once he reaches your groin area, it's time you roll and lie on your back. Open your legs a bit, giving him enough space to move to your vulva. Enjoy it and respond to his strokes. Encourage him to rub you down there. Some nice expressions will spice things up more, so don't stop yourself from moaning. Oral sex may be a good idea here because it helps drop any inhibition. If he is interested, open your legs more and let him reach down to suck your clit.

4.        Time to Have Fun!

When trying to learn how to do first night sex better, before going any further, your partner should wear a condom, if of course you're not planning a baby at this moment. Let him decide which position to choose. If he lets you be on top of him, take the opportunity. Otherwise, you can proceed with the missionary position. At this point, he will enter your vagina with his penis. If he finds it difficult, guide him. You may even have to change your position a bit to make it easier for him to enter at a proper angle. Pull your knees up to make even easier for him to know where to enter. You can even hold his penis and put its tip on your vaginal opening. He will handle the rest on his own. Be ready to feel some pain when he enters your vagina for the first time.

5.        When He Comes

Bear in mind that it won't last long. It's usually very quick because both of you are nervous and passionate at the same time. You should not set the bar high because first-time vaginal sex may not be that enjoyable. It is quite common for men who are virgins to ejaculate as soon as they touch their penis with vulva. Just take it as an opportunity to drop the inhibition and get to know each other's bodies better.

If your partner does ejaculate, clean it and tell him that there is no hurry. You can then continue to have fun. Cuddle him and communicate your thoughts and share your feelings not just about the sex but about the crazy day you two had. You can even stroke him until he gets his second erection and starts it all over again. The chances are, he will last longer in his second try.

Notes and Tips

It is common to have questions about first-time sex, but here are some good tips to help you understand how to do first night sex and what to expect.

  • It may feel painful for the first few times. That's mainly because your hymen breaks when you have sex for the first time. You won't feel pain once it heals completely. Some bleeding is also normal.
  • Spice up the mood. Light up some red candles and read erotic poems to arouse your partner. Make use of music to set the mood. Play your partner's favorite songs to make them feel relaxed.
  • Sprinkle essential oils. You may consider applying a few drops of lavender, sandalwood, jasmine or another essential oil to increase sexual desire.
  • Make use of lighting to create a romantic glow. Instead of going with your regular lighting, you can install a blue or red light bulb to create a romantic environment.
  • Take some time to relax. The more relaxed you are, the higher the chances of you having a great sexual encounter with your partner. Communicating with your partner in a relaxed way will also help set the tone and put you in a romantic mood.
  • About lubrication. When you don't have pregnancy on your mind because you're already on the pill, you can ask your partner to use pure vegetable oil as a lube. You can opt for walnut, almond, or coconut oil. These oil work great because they make penetration smooth and relax your nerves with their light aroma.

The prospect of having first night sex can make couples feel excited, but you need to learn how to do first night sex properly to make it a memorable experience. HERE you can find more tips and things to avoid to make the experience more enjoyable.