Female anatomy is one complex system and includes some significant physical features that clearly delineates or separates a man from a woman, such as breast. The development of breasts is usually started after 8 years of age and continues well into teenage years. In most cases, breasts are completely developed by the age of 20 years, which also suggests that the size of breasts is usually stable at this age. However, it is imperative to mention that the size may change at the time of pregnancy or with fluctuations in body weight.

How Big Should an 11 Year Old's Breast Be?

One concise answer to the question is, size A to B. The size depends on the physique and structure of the body (i.e. can be measured around the whole body and may vary from person to person). Considering the normal size of breast, almost every women has a normal breast size and according to the classic definition, more than 95% of healthy women have normal breasts. For girls who just entered into teenage life, the size ranges from 30 to 36 and cup size of a's to b. To find the average bra and cup size of a US teenage girls, it would require to average out all the bra and cup sizes.

Average Breast sizes for Teenagers

Most parents want to make a purchase based on the breast and bra sizes but if it is your first time and you are thinking how big should a 11 year old's breast be; then the content below may interest you. For example, there are different sizes for girls of different ages but some case studies show a trend that is defined by following information:

  • Age 13: Breast size B
  • Age 14: Breast size B
  • Age 15: Breast size C
  • Age 16: Breast size C+, at this age girls develops breasts completely that leads to full bra size of adults.

Average Breast Size for Women

The average breast size of females has been discussed several times. A survey shows the statistics at BreastOptions.com suggest that 44% of women living in US have cup size B, 28% have cup size C. Very few women (less than 1%) of females in US have cup size equal or greater than D. The time magazine published 36C as the average cup size. A report on LiveScience.com shows that the average size of women breast in US since 1995 has been raised from 34B to 36C but the reason and explanation has not been given for it.

You can also calculate your breast size from this link http://www.brasizechart.info/bra-size-calculator

Breast Development Stages

If you are worried about how big should an 11 year old's breast be, then please see the breast development stages. If your breast develops accordingly then there is no need to worry.

  • Stage 1: This is the stage that starts from age 8 and goes till 12 years. At this stage, the nipple only elevates. The range varies mainly because every woman's body is different. For most kids at this age, the nipple starts to stand out a bit.
  • Stage 2: In a year or later, the breast bud forms that's why the stage is known as "budding". Your areola - little darker round surrounding the nipple expands and gets a bit larger.
  • Stage 3: One more year later, the breast starts getting more prominent along with further widening of areola.
  • Stage 4: From age 15 to 16, the breast size remains the same to get completely full and begins to mold into the final shape of adult breast. The nipple sticks out and it is possible that it may form a small mound.
  • Stage 5: The stages to follow marks further refining and modification of final shape of nipple and breasts.

More About Breast in Puberty

1. When Will My Breast Start Growing Up?

Don't get weird if you are 11 years old and your breasts are completely developed but your friends' is still flat. Need to know how big should an 11 year old's breast be? Well honestly, there is no rule. The rate and time of breast growth can be different in different individuals. It may stop developing when teenage ends or may continue. Bigger breast could be due to high fat content in the body, being over-weight or simply if your mother has it.

2. What Is Happening?

The area underneath nipples starts budding due to the estrogens in the body. You may also notice a small bump known as "breast bud". In no time, the nipple and areola gets bigger which darkens. This process can takes time and it is imperative to mention that you cannot fasten the process of enlarging your breast by exercise or medications.

Some other factors that should be noticed are:

  • The growth rate of one breast might be faster but at the end they get even. You may notice that one of your breasts is bigger but you're the only one who'll notice this.
  • Before getting filled completely, your breasts might look pointy.
  • During or before periods, you may feel tenderness in breasts.
  • Lumps and changes could be felt in breasts which is normal. In case it gets abnormal, discuss with your parent or a mature friend.

3. Does the Size Matter?

The size does not leave any impact on body medically but society emphasizes on large breasts. Ever noticed all the highlighted pictures in magazines focusing prominent cleavage? So if you feel bad about not having those large breasts, then think about these points:

  • Beauty doesn't depend on size and shape.
  • Every individual has different opinion about the size. Some girls with bigger breast feel uncomfortable on the stares they receive, while some actually want those big breasts. So, the size doesn't really matter unless you take it to your head. Try to be satisfied with whatever size you have, this will make you feel confident and comfortable.
  • "Everything happens for good", believe in the quotation and you'll be okay. Think whatever you have suits you the best and make your personality stand out in a crowd.