Most women who have had a C section would love to get pregnant as soon as possible. There are many reasons for this fast and urgent move. One of them could be because of age and the other could be the desire to have kids who may be having a small age difference. This urge to have a child may be competing with the questions surrounding the C section that you have had. One of the questions that may be lingering in your mind could be the appropriate time to conceive. Some of you may even be looking for ways and means to conceive quickly.

How Long Should I Wait Before Getting Pregnant after C Section?

Generally, it is medically recommended that you wait for at least 18 months to conceive after C Section. This is almost the same time that is recommended for women who give birth vaginally. This period gives your body the time to heal the scars that you may have developed when giving birth. The longer the time your body gets to heal the stronger and the healthier your body will be. This is very important especially if you would like to have the next baby vaginally. This will also give you the assurance that the healing will not develop problems in the future.

Getting pregnant after C section needs a period of wating. So why should have the long wait?

  • The body needs to heal. To many this is a very long time. But to fully appreciate this time frame given, you need to accept the fact that you lost a lot of nutrients when delivering this way and your body needs to replenish them. There may be chances that you could even be anemic since most of the iron present in your body was shared with the baby and the placenta. In addition, you may have lost it as well through the blood lost during child birth. It is a fact that more blood is lost by women delivering through the C section as compared to those who deliver vaginally.
  • Avoid health complications. Research also shows that women who get pregnant soon after they give birth have a high risk of developing other complications. For instance, they may suffer from ruptured uterus as well as having high chances of premature birth. There are chances that they may deliver babies who have low birth weight.
  • Allows for better planning. It is also advisable that you have enough time to plan before adding another baby as this will give you enough time to relax, heal and have the next one at the most appropriate time.

In the event that you get pregnant earlier than the recommended time you need not to worry too much. Most of those who have conceived earlier have made it through by following the guidelines provided to reduce the risk of developing complications. Thus, if you are in your late thirties, you may have to conceive earlier than the given time because the risk of conceiving increases with age. This could also be more beneficial since the risk of having complications is highly increased during this age. It is also advisable that you seek an opinion from your healthcare provider since the most appropriate time to conceive differs from one woman to another.

How to Boost My Chances of Getting Pregnant After C Section?

It is reasonable and understandable for a couple to getting pregnant after a C section for personal reasons. If you are in such a situation then you can consult a physician. If you are deemed to be healthy enough then you can opt to have a fertility treatment. The major setback of this process is that it is very costly and most couples cannot afford it. Therefore, if you are looking for ways of getting pregnant in a very natural way then you need some tips for conceiving faster.

1. Take Vitamins

You should increase the amounts of vitamins in your diet. This is because you have gone through a vitamin removing process and you would like to get pregnant while you are healthy and strong once again. Some of the vitamins that you should take include the pre-natal vitamin supplements and folic acid.

2. Understand Your Cycle

After pregnancy, your body will take some time before getting back to the normal cycle. This is because pregnancy brings about a lot of hormonal changes in the body. For you to conceive fast, you need to be very keen when monitoring the cycle. Once you have a definite pattern then you can be sure of getting pregnant faster than when you are not informed.

3. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle prepares the best mood and support for getting pregnant after C section. To lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to avoid high levels of stress, always have a healthy and balanced diet and avoid smoking. Staying calm in a relaxing mood can be the best lifestyle to lead when you are preparing for conception.

4. Relax After Sex

To conceive, sex positions do not matter that much. However, if you want to increase your chances of conception then you need to take some time and relax after having sex. You can lie down for about 15 minutes to allow the sperms to swim beyond the cervix.

It is always recommended to have a positive approach to this. Think positively of the experience and have hope for a positive outcome.

Can I Have a Vaginal Birth after C Section?

Most women who have had their first child through cesarean delivery are interested in having their second baby born vaginally. Until recent years, these women were encouraged to continue having children via the C section because it was considered safe for them. However, the trend has changed and most of these women are now been encouraged to have vaginal births because they are generally safe. Apart from the safety, when you have a vaginal birth you can recover quickly. To have a vaginal birth after having a C section one, the following factors will be considered:

  • The reason why you had the C section delivery.
  • Type of incision on the uterus.
  • Your previous medical information.

In the end, advice and consultation from your doctor should always be sought.