Best Age for Ear Piercing

Adorning one’s body is nothing new in fact, ears were probably two of the first places to be poked. Moms and children are fond of having their ears pierced so that they can decorate their ears beautifully. In hopes of preventing problems, this article includes some tips on the best age for ear piercing and how to get those piercings done, and what symptoms to be concerned about.

What Is the Best Age for Ear Piercing?

Age restrictions are not a result of medical evidence or physical complications--rather it is common sense that sways the decision. Newborn babies have very small earlobes as a rule and the probability of misplaced piercings and infections would naturally be higher. The clear facts are this, it is a personal decision that parents should make together. Hopefully, you will investigate where to get it done, like not at home or a friend’s house, but by a professional.

Keep in mind the immune system is still developing in babies and creating an open wound leaves the door open to infections. Some pediatricians suggest waiting until they are at least 6 months old. There is also the option of waiting until they are old enough to decide for themselves and thus old enough to take charge of the care involved too.

Some Precautions Concerning Ear Piercing

1. Where and How Can You Get Your Child Ear Pierced?

Where you get this done is a very important decision. Try to find a reputable dermatologist or pediatrician that does it in their office, which is your best bet for insuring a truly sterile process is used. You may have to call several, but it is worth the effort. If none are available, ask friends about their experience and the results - then ask if they would go back there again.

Wherever you end up, there are a few things to watch for. The technician should wash their hands in front of you, before putting on her gloves. Then thoroughly clean the area to be punctured and use an unopened utensil for each piercing.

2. What Can You Do to Make the Process Less Painful?

Nothing will eliminate the pain, but ice applied over a cloth for about twenty minutes can help reduce the sensation. Sometimes the ice causes as much discomfort as the piercing if put directly on the skin for too long. There is a topical medication that numbs the area, but your pediatrician would have to apply it and you have to wait a fairly long time for it to be effective. The best part is the pain is short lived and beauty lasts forever.

3. What Material Is Best and How Long Should Your Child Wear the Earrings?

Many people have allergies to certain materials like white gold, and the irritation can be severe, so consider using surgical stainless steel initially, as fewer reactions have been noted. You can always ask your doctor what their preference is and why. You should make a point of choosing the metal used in case there is a problem.

How long you keep the first earrings in is relative but six weeks is the most popular answer. That gives time for complete healing of the area.

4. What Post-Piercing Care Should You Consider?

Keep your child’s ears and earrings clean by washing the area around them with a cotton ball dipped in either hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Softly turn and slide the earrings to keep the shape of the holes. Don’t remove them until you are ready to replace them with another pair, or the holes will start closing immediately. Watch closely for any signs of infection; huge keloids can develop. When your child wash up, tell her not to irritate her ears. Keep shampoo and shower gel away from her ears and earrings.

5. Are There Any Activities to Avoid After Ear Piercing?

The only activity best avoided is swimming, especially in lakes, public swimming pools or even the ocean. You just don’t know what bacteria are present, and it is an open wound. If they are young and find the earrings are constantly catching on something or they need to wear protective head gear, placing bandages over the earlobes will help.

What Other Moms Have to Say on Ear Piercing

“I chose to wait until my daughters were old enough to decide for themselves if they wanted their ears pierced or not. They also knew that meant they had to take care of them, not me. They did a great job, cleaned them, turned them and they had no problems.”

--By Amy

 “Well, my eight year old got her ears pierced a few months ago and has done really well. She was a little unsure at first, but once the technician went through the cleaning and turning instructions, she was fine. She is very happy with them. I believe the parent is a big factor in how well kids do with this procedure, my daughter is mature and responsible, and I encourage that.”

   --By Angela

“My baby was only 7 months old when I had her ears pierced. She did scream and cry, but the doctor told me that was probably because we had to hold her down and she didn’t like it. When the first one was completed, we gave her a little break to calm down, and as soon as we let her go, the crying stopped. Of course, she cried when the second ear was pierced. Keeping the earrings clean was easy and she looks so pretty.”

--By Autumn

Below is a video giving you some information about the best age for ear piercing and where to have your child’s ears pierced and how to take care of pierced ears: