A genius person may seem like odd to some, but there is a reason behind their “madness.” A genius tends to have really high intellect, is very creative, and engages in some odd behaviors. Their high IQ is very beneficial to many things, people, and issues that need dealt with. Many geniuses have invented things that have changed the world, only to live life outside of the spotlight. This article explains the different signs and traits of someone who is a genius.

15 Signs, Traits, and Characteristics of a Genius Person

About 25 percent of the United States is considered at genius level IQ. The genius IQ is between 140 and 145 and higher. These people have exceptional capabilities of figuring out mechanical, mathematical, and logical problems. How do you know if someone is a genius? Here are some of the signs, traits, and common characteristics that geniuses show:

They are very selective in who they are intimate with

Geniuses tend to use more of their mental capabilities when relating to others, and are either selective with intimate partners or have none at all. One study found that genius men tend to have lower testosterone levels, leading to higher intelligence and lower sex drive. A few examples of this are; Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, and Nikola Tesla.

Geniuses are not social

Because of their high IQ, geniuses have a hard time connecting with people. They tend to keep to themselves due to other interests that the common population are not interested in. They don’t often marry or have children, and don’t fit in on the common social calendar. Geniuses also have a hard time conversing with others. Their mind tends to only speak as needed, instead of bantering or chatting. When they speak, it is about something very important. They may even suffer from a touch of social anxiety disorder, because they always feel like they don’t “fit in.” 

They sleep less than most people

Geniuses tend to sleep less and awaken at odd hours of the night. They may only nap throughout the day and night. Their mind never seems to settle down and they have a hard time resting over thinking. This has often been mistaken for bipolar disorder or anxiety. Studies do show that higher IQ can be the root cause of insomnia. Some famous geniuses slept on average of 2 to 4 hours a night.

Geniuses can be scatterbrained and disorganized

Another one of the strong characteristics of a genius person is disorganization. They seem to juggle many projects at once, but sometimes don’t finish them. Their thoughts are often scattered, and even their speech. They tend to live in disarray and can lose things easily.

They exude a hint of sarcasm, or maybe a lot

People with high IQ tend to be a bit sarcastic and witty. This means they have a creative and intelligent mind that is able to process thoughts faster and snap up with a good comeback that makes everyone laugh. Humor takes a great deal of thinking ahead and knowing something funny to say before the speaker has even finished their sentence.

Their imaginations run wild

A sign of a genius is the ability to go into a fantasy world and imagine anything as reality. This is also a sign they are very creative and can problem solve. Geniuses can dream up something, and make it happen as if it were almost magical.

Curiosity gets the best of them

One of the characteristics of a genius person is curiosity. They love to pick things apart to see how they work. They feel a constant hunger for deeper knowledge, and will often do things out of the ordinary or even dangerous just to see the cause and effect. They tend to experiment with things most people would not even try. However, some of the best inventions came from things like that.

 They have different views of God or are atheists

They tend to “outthink” religious types and find a science based explanation for anything from why we exist, to quantum physics over spirituality. They seem to have more grounded beliefs on a physical plane of existence.

Their hobbies tend to be a bit different than most people

People who are in the genius IQ group like to do things for hobbies that are sometimes labeled as “weird.” Albert Einstein spent his days and nights studying electromagnetics, or dreaming up mathematical equations. He rarely slept and devoted his life to figuring out complexities. On his off time from that, he loved sailing. It didn’t seem to go hand in hand with the nature of how his mind worked, but he enjoyed his hobby.


This one is an easy explanation. Lefty’s tend to use the right side of the brain more, but in a twist are able to use the left side of the brain just as much. Most people who are right handed are left brained and have to exercise the right brain to get it to work better. Lefty’s don’t have to work at it. They tend to have larger vocabularies, are better at solving problems, and can have an IQ over 140. The only issue is lefty’s tend to be a bit more forgetful.

They talk to themselves

If you notice someone talking to themselves, you may be in the presence of a genius. When people talk to themselves, it boosts cognition, and increases focus.

They are chronic worriers

People with a higher IQ tend to worry more and fret over things. Geniuses are constantly trying to figure things out, but at the same time, they have a lot on their mind. They may know the answer to complex issues, but worry over day-to-day life issues.

More characteristics of genius person:

  •  They get teased and bullied more often

Geniuses think and do things differently than the norm. Children in school that have higher IQ tend to get bullied more than other kids. Older geniuses leave themselves open to more criticism when thinking becomes competitive for people with lower IQ’s. Since they don’t speak much, it’s hard for them to defend their point with others.

  • Drug use rates are higher

Believe it or not, higher IQ people tend to get addicted to substances more easily. Studies show that they use marijuana, psychedelics, heroin, and amphetamines more often than others.

  • Alcoholism rates are higher

They may drink more excessively and the alcoholism rates are higher among people with extraordinary intelligence.