It might seem like a silly question to some, but to others, it might seem as though it could be possible. After all, look at any tabloid to read “amazing” stories of how a woman got pregnant with a second child while she was already pregnant with the first! Though we know that tabloids are just for fun and don’t tell the truth, it can still be enough to make women question whether they might be able to ovulate while pregnant.

Can You Ovulate While Pregnant?

The simple answer is no: You cannot ovulate while you are pregnant. Ovulation is the act of your body releasing an egg (and sometimes two or more) during the menstrual cycle. The egg travels down the fallopian tube, where it waits to meet with the sperm. If fertilization occurs, it continues to the uterus, where it embeds in the uterine lining and starts to grow. If the egg is not fertilized, your body eventually begins to shed the uterine lining that it had put in place to help the fertilized egg develop; this is called your period.

Ovulation typically happens once a month. However, once you become pregnant, that bodily process shuts down for a while. Your body doesn’t release another egg, because it has already started taking care of a fertilized one. Your period stops, because you need that uterine lining to provide a good environment for the growing embryo.

But I Tested and I Really Ovulated While Pregnant!?

Some women might become confused when they take an ovulation test and it shows that they are indeed ovulating, but later they find out that they were actually pregnant at that time. Ovulation tests, just like pregnancy tests, are dependent upon hormone levels. When hormones are too high or too low, test results can be incorrect. The test itself might also be faulty, as many women have found out with pregnancy tests that said they were not pregnant when they actually were!

If you have had a test that says you are ovulating even though you are pregnant, chop it up to hormones and a slight imbalance. This is entirely possible, especially during times when your body is either pregnant, getting ready to become pregnant, or going through a miscarriage.

But What If I Had Period While Pregnant?

 On pregnancy forums you may find many mothers sharing their experiences of having period while pregnant, which all sound true. But like ovulation during pregnancy, having a period while you are pregnant is just impossible. Spotting and light bleeding during pregnancy can be caused by different factors but should never be as heavy as a period. When in doubt, always seek help from your doctor.

In conclusion: Can you ovulate while pregnant? The bottom line is no, you cannot. However, if you are uncertain about anything at all concerning your ovulation cycle, period or attempts to get pregnant, speak to your doctor to get the reassurance you deserve.