Many women who are eager to have their first babies may wonder: Can you feel conception? The moment of conception begins once the egg is fertilized and implanted into the uterus. During the first several weeks of pregnancy, women may feel tired, queasy, moody and lightheaded. Some also experience heartburn, backaches, sore breasts, constipation or frequently going to the toilet.

Can You Feel Conception?

Is it possible to intuitively know that you're pregnant soon after you conceive? The answer is not definite since every pregnancy is unique. What can be sure is that there are signs and symptoms you can look for to tell your conception. Some women claim to experience early symptoms soon after their estimated date of conception. However, it is possible for you to feel confused because some symptoms of conception are similar to those you have when your period is about to come.

If you feel anything unusual and you want to find out if you’re pregnant, the quickest way is to take a home pregnancy test which can be sensitive enough to detect pregnancy. The test can be taken as early as the first day of your missed period, or seven days after the missed period for a more reliable result.

When Can You Feel Conception?

Conception begins when the egg is fertilized and proceeds to implantation on the wall of the uterus. This usually occurs 6 to 12 days after fertilization and this is when hormones are sent out to prepare your body for pregnancy. So you’re likely to feel conception one to two weeks after fertilization. The process is usually completed in 18 weeks after which the functional placenta develops. The placenta provides nutrition for the fetus from the mother and also serves to remove excreta and toxins.

What Are the Signs of Conception?

If you are wondering “can you feel conception”, check out this list of signs and feelings of conception.

1. Missed Period

This is the most obvious sign of pregnancy, which prompts women to have a pregnancy test. However, a missed period may be due to other causes such as sudden weight changes, hormonal problems or stress.

2. Spotting

Slight bleeding may occur a few days after the egg is fertilized and when it tries to attach itself to the uterine wall. You may also notice some whitish vaginal discharge which is the result from the increased cell growth in the vaginal lining. However, if the discharge is accompanied by other symptoms such as foul smell or itching, see your doctor as soon as possible.

3. Breast Changes

Your hormonal levels change right after conception. This can cause your breasts to become swollen, tingly or sore. They may also feelfuller, heavier and tender. The areola (area around nipples) may become darker in color.

4. Fatigue

Tiredness is a common sign of pregnancy and this may begin as early as one week after conception. This is due to a high level of progesterone, but other factors such as low levels of blood sugar, decreased blood pressure and increased blood production may also contribute.

5. Morning Sickness

Although not all women experience morning sickness, it is very common during the first trimester. It may occur at any time of the day and it may be accompanied by cravings or aversion to food. Fortunately, this lasts only until the 14th week of pregnancy.

6. Other Signs

Can you feel conception? If you are still not sure, here are other signs and symptoms of early pregnancy:

  • Frequent urination which may start around the 6th or 8th week after conception
  • Constipation which is due to higher levels of progesterone
  • Mood swings which are also related to hormone changes
  • Back pain and headaches
  • Dizziness/fainting which may be related to widening of your blood vessels, lower blood pressure, as well as decreases in blood sugar levels

What Do Other Mums Say About Feeling Conception?

The following are personal experiences which provide answers to the question: Can You Feel Conception?

I felt my breasts becoming leaky and my nipples starting to darken. I also felt a heavy sensation low in my stomach. It felt like cramp, but I did not get my period. I also had to go to the toilet during sex. To confirm my doubts, I finally got a pregnancy test and it turned out positive.

Having been pregnant twice before, I can say that I can feel conception like the next day. I start having nausea and throw up after two days. So I knew I was pregnant right away!

It depends on if you are in tune with your body. For my first child, I was totally clueless. I had a miscarriage but I knew something was different with my body. So with my second and third children, I knew I was conceiving before I took the pregnancy test. I was feeling more tired, crampy, hungry, gassy and nauseated. However, some of these symptoms may also occur after normal ovulation. Different women have different experiences. But I personally know I am pregnant right after conception.