You and your baby are just starting to get to know each other, and then you notice your 2 month old sucking on hands from time to time. You may be wondering if your baby is starting to teeth already, or maybe they’re hungry. Fist sucking may be a form of communication from your baby that they may need something, but it may also be a form of play, and learning. Learning to read your baby’s cues is all part of these first few months. This article will help you understand some of the reasons why your baby may be sucking on their hands, and some things you can try if they seem fussy while doing it.

Why Is My 2 Month Old Sucking on His Hands?

If your two month old baby seems to like sucking on his or her hands, it is showing you that they are developing some motor skills. You may notice your baby can hold their head up more steady, or even take a swipe at a toy near them. Most of all, they are resourceful. If they don’t have a pacifier handy, they just use their hands. Here are some of the reasons why you may notice this happening:


Two-month old babies can’t handle too much going on around them. They may only tolerate a few minutes of activity, then need to soothe themselves. Signs of your baby being overstimulated include; sucking on hands, yawns, turning head to side, or they may begin to cry. Babies can soothe themselves, and putting their hands in their mouth is a sign they are trying to calm down.

Observe your baby and what happens during busy times. You may notice your baby placing a fist or fingers into their mouth. You may notice this in places like; family gatherings, shopping areas, the doctor’s office, or even at home when everyone is in the same room.


A 2 month old sucking on hands may be hungry. Some babies don’t cry when they are hungry, but place their hands to their mouth and make sucking noises. This is common around feeding times, or even between regular feedings during a growth spurt. Babies who are breastfed may place their hands in their mouths, while turning their head to the side towards your breast. This is known as the “rooting reflex.”

Needing Stimulation

Sucking on the hands may be a sign that your baby is in need of stimulation. Babies can get bored and may need some playtime with either mommy or daddy. They really don’t need to play much at this age, but they may let you know by placing their hands into their mouth. Another sign that goes along with this is they are very alert and awake, but not crying. They may watch you across the room, or look intently at other objects near them. Your baby’s motor skills aren’t developed enough to grab and hold toys, so sometimes their hands are all they have.

Needing Comfort 

Babies suckle to soothe and comfort themselves. If they are sucking on their hands and fingers, they may be looking for comforting. This is common if mom is busy doing other things, and baby is left in a chair or swing. They may be suffering from things like; gas, tummy pain, or diaper rash. Sometimes these things won’t make your baby cry out in pain, rather they will suck on their hands to help themselves feel better.


Most babies will fall asleep when they are tired without any issues. Some like a pacifier, breast, or bottle to fall asleep. If your baby is trying to fall asleep, they may suck on their hands in place of a nipple. You may also notice that they get very quiet, and less responsive to your voice or other noises.


It is possible for two-month old babies to experience some teething pain. They may not actually “cut” a tooth for a few more months, but can start to feel pain and pressure. If someone in your family began teething around two-months, chances are your baby may be too. Other signs of teething include drooling, fussiness with feedings, extra night wakings, and even the appearance of a rash around the mouth from drooling.

Helpful Tips for 2 Month Olds

If you notice your 2 month old sucking on hands often, there are a few things you can try to make them comfortable. Most often they are just discovering their hands and nothing is wrong. If you notice your baby is fussy, and you notice them sucking on their hands, try these things:

  • Try a feeding. It may be that your little one is going through a growth spurt and is extra hungry right now. It may even be time to increase the time that you breastfeed, or add a few ounces of extra formula to each bottle feeding.
  • Try putting a soft toy in their hand. The fists may still be clasped and you can unroll the fingers and put a toy inside that they can grasp and chew on. Make sure the toy is soft since they still have “startle” reflexes, and may hit themselves in the head with a hard toy.
  • Just leave them be. If it seems your baby is using his or her fist to self-soothe, don’t worry. Learning to self-soothe is very good for their development.
  • Place a cold teething ring on the gums. This may help with early teething discomfort. Don’t force it if your baby objects or reacts to the cold. You can also try a wet washcloth that has been placed in the freezer or fridge.
  • Offer a pacifier. If your baby seems like they just need to “suckle” you can try a pacifier between feedings. Some babies are soothed by suckling extra, even when they are not hungry.
  • Have some playtime. If your baby seems awake and not fussy, try to have some playtime for extra stimulation. Sing a few songs, read a book, or hold a toy over them and see if they can track it with their eyes.

Now you know all about 2 month old sucking on hands.