Family provides for kids' basic needs when they are born and help them survive in this world. It is the place where kids learn about this world and acquire abilities to use their senses, speak the first words and take the first step. In addition to learning the use of faculties, they also learn a lot more from the family and the values of parents. Value system, their perception, instincts and understanding of the world all come from the family.

Kids should know how family is very important and significant to their lives. They must know that they have their family to turn to in the hour of need. This will enhance their self-confidence and make them feel relaxed while facing a stressful situation. This self-confidence and sense of security will make it easy for them to face the world.

Talking to the children about the role of family and the vaules of parents in their lives and showing them the importance of family and values of parents by practical actions are two ways of enlightening your kids about importance of family.

Talk About the Importance of Family with Kids

1.    Family History

You can talk about the family history, but remember that arranging a sitting just to tell about family history is not going to work out with kids, because they would think it is boring. A better way to talk about family history is to blend in the stories in the middle of normal conversation. In this way, kids would remember family history much more vividly.

2.    Love and Care

Most studies and researches have shown the significance of love and care in parenting. The most important thing parent needs to ensure is that their children feel loved, protected and adored. Children who are protected and cherished by their parents hardly have a chance of developing problematic conduct and mostly grow up to be mature and honorable adults. In daily conversation with your kids, you can easily speak out the love and affection to family members and you can talk about how they always stand by each other through good and bad times.

3.    Loyalty

Loyalty is also an important family value which can be taught by talking about it. Kids must be instructed that they mean a lot to their parents and brothers and sisters, and they should put family first. Loyalty to family should be taught in a fine and nice way in between family conversations and interactions. In short, kids should be instructed to support their family members and siblings.

4.    Responsibility

Kids should also be taught responsibility as a part of family values. They should know that they play an important role in the matters of the family and must carry out whatever they are asked to do responsibly.

Show the Importance of Family to Kids by Action

Kids are devoid of social understanding or capability at beginning and this is the reason why they will emulate the steps of others. They will follow what their parents do more than what their parents ask them to do. Therefore, it is essential that parents become role models for their children and show them family values and values of parents by their actions.

1.    Make Family Gathering First

As parents, you should give importance to family get-togethers and events. When your kids see that you always give more importance to family gatherings, your kids will also learn to give importance to family. Moreover, at these events your kids will learn about the love and care that family members show for each other.

2.    Respect Others

In order to inculcate respect for others to their kids, parents must also respect others as well as their kids. This is the best way in which kids can learn to honor and value others. Children also learn from others members in addition to their parents and therefore, other family members should show respect and regard for each other.

3.    Act on Trivial Things

While teaching kids about importance of family and its values, small and tiny things are also very important and significant. This is the reason why you should incorporate all the little habits in your daily life. A small example of this is to mark birthdays of each member of the family on a calendar which will make your children realize the importance of doing small things for family members.

4.    Make a Family Tradition

Customs and ritual are also a good way of teaching important values to children. Family traditions which give importance and attention to any individual family member for his/her achievement and success highlight the importance of family members in front of kids. As each member of the family is given importance in such customs and traditions, children can learn to value every member of the family and can be initiated and inspired.

5.    Let Kids Take Part in Family Chores

In order to make children realize the importance of family and aware of the values of parents, they must also participate in family chores. This will enhance their sense of belonging to the family. While assigning responsibility, you can start from easier duties and then give important tasks. Whatever tasks you give to your children, you must approve and applaud their work, especially in front of them.

6.    Show Love to Kids by Actions

  • ŸLove note. A love note is a practical way of showing your love and reverence for your kids. Love notes can be anything from a few words of encouragement to a note conveying admiration. Make sure that you put the note in a place where your kid can see it easily.
  • ŸBody touch. Children love to nestle and embrace in the lap of their parents. Physical touch is a strong way of communicating and displaying love, warmth and aspiration for others, especially for kids. Anything from a kiss to a hug to a shoulder around the arm can go a long way of exhibiting love.