When Do You Start Showing?

One thing a woman wonders when she gets a positive pregnancy test is “When will I start showing?” The time of starting showing depends on several factors, but most women begin to show during the second trimester. You might feel as though you are showing before that, because you may notice things while others don’t – such as changes in your waistline, or the way your clothes fit. To you it seems that your stomach is much bigger, but to others it might seem as though you have simply gained a few pounds.

When Do You Start Showing?

Every woman’s body is different,so it is impossible to predict when you will start showing. It is even more impossible for others to see that you get pregnant. Usually, you can feel your body change earlier than others. Here are several factors that might help you figure out the when do you start showing during your pregnant days.

1.      Times of Pregnancy

When do you start showing? If you are pregnant for the first time, it might take longer to show. That’s because your uterus and abdominal muscles haven’t yet been stretched by a pregnancy, so you will likely be able to keep things to yourself for a long while. If it is your second or subsequent pregnancy, you might show much sooner.

2.      Baby Size

Factor that can influence the issue—when do you start showing vary from different conditions. One of them is baby size. The size of your baby makes a difference, too. If you are carrying a smaller baby, you might not show as soon as if you are carrying a larger baby. But that isn’t all that matters – the amount of amniotic fluid you are carrying around your baby can also make a difference.

3.      Carrying Multiples

If you are carrying more than one baby, you will likely show much sooner. That’s simply because two babies take up more room than one does! The more babies you are carrying, the faster your belly will announce your condition to the world.

4.      Clothing

What you choose to wear can help determine how quickly you show. Tighter clothing is likely to reveal your growing bump, but looser clothing can buy you several weeks after your belly “pops” – and nobody will know you are pregnant. If you choose to wear maternity clothing, of course those around you will quickly guess that you are pregnant, even if you aren’t showing all that much yet.

5.      Physical Features

The physical features of pregnancy can also determine when you start showing. Those physical features may help to hide the pregnancy symptoms. Even though your baby is growing, keep in mind that your baby is settled deep in your pelvis at first. Your uterus is growing and putting pressure on your body, but it doesn’t mean that anyone else knows it is growing! Your uterus doesn’t begin to move up into your abdomen until your second trimester. So, just be patient.

6.      Gaining Weight

During the early stages, you might gain up to five pounds – or you might actually lose weight, if you have morning sickness. But when you start to gain more weight, you will likely start to show soon.

Common Concerns About Showing

You might have other concerns about the issue when do you start showing. Here are answers to a few of the most common issues.

Should I Worry If I Start Showing Early?

If you start showing early, this might not be s cause for alarm. Remember that if you have already had a baby, you will show sooner with the next one. If you are pregnant with twins, your abdominal muscles might not be strong enough to keep you from showing. If you are bloating, that is also a reason you might show early. If you’re worried about this issue, ask for an ultrasound to rule out any problems.

Do I Need to Worry If I am Not Showing?

On the other hand, if you aren’t showing immediately, don’t worry! If you are very thin, you might not show. If you are carrying around extra weight, you might not show quickly then, either. In fact, women who are overweight might not show until late in their second trimester or even during their third trimester.

How to Cope with the Reaction of Others

How will others feel about your pregnancy when you start to show? If you are dealing with coworkers who are upset about your pregnancy and covering the job when you give birth or other things, you might need to look into your rights. If you feel as though you are discriminated against when you start showing, go to human resources or consult the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Showing in Different Trimesters--What Do They Mean?

Sometimes you can tell important things about your pregnancy based on when you begin to show:

First Trimester

Showing in the first trimester might indicate multiples, but it might also be chalked up to bloating, weight gain, or weak abdominal muscles.

Second Trimester

Bloating is very common during this trimester, but regardless of bloating, most women begin to show during these months. This usually means that your baby is growing just fine, right on schedule.

Third Trimester

If you haven’t shown by now, it is unusual – but it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong. An ultrasound can help confirm what is going on inside your uterus.

Keep in mind that showing late doesn’t mean that you have problems with your baby – some women have a body type that prevents showing early, some don’t gain as much weight when they are pregnant, and others carry in a certain way that makes their “bump” less pronounced. Besides, your due date might be incorrect. An ultrasound can help your doctor figure out your exact due date.

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