The penis undergoes various developmental stages, just like any other part of the body. You will find that the penis size of a 12 year old boy will not be the same as that of a 20 year old man. A lot of guys worry about whether or not they have a normal sized penis and in this article we will alleviate those fears by giving you all the information you need to know about penis growth. 

What Is Normal Penis Growth?

Guys develop differently. While some will begin developing at the early age of 9 years, others will begin at 15 years or even older. The development age will ultimately depend on when a guy enters into the puberty stage which is when the hormones stimulate the body’s developmental changes.

Penis growth is one sign of puberty and it comes with other changes such as the growth of testicles, muscles and pubic hair as well. Usually, guys who start puberty later in life catch just fine and they too will reach full maturity though at a later stage.

There are different types of penises and these vary not just in size but in color and shape as well. These changes are mostly hereditary and based on the orientation of the guy which means that you don’t have much control on such matters. Despite all the misinformation you come across, you cannot control the developmental stages of your penis growth or size. No special diet, supplements or even exercises will have an effect on your size. Just like your feet, your penis will appear smaller to you when looking down because you have a different view of it.  As you may already know, the size of your penis will be much different when relaxed and when you have an erection.

Besides size, other worries guys have are whether it’s normal for the penis to hang left or right and if it is normal to have the skin covering. These are all normal penis growth and if you are concerned about the appearance of your manly organ, it’s best to discuss these issues with a doctor. When guys reach the puberty stage, they should undergo testicular exams and this is the best time to clarify any misgivings or worries you might have.

What’s Normal Penis Size?

Studies show that most guys who assume that they have a small penis actually have what is considered to be a normal sized penis. Similarly, other studies have shown that most guys have an exaggerated perception of what a normal penis size is. The fear of having a small penis size is therefore common to most guys – you’re not alone.

The fact of the matter is that the average size of a penis ranges between 8 and 13 centimeters when relaxed and when erect, it measures between 13 and 18 centimeters. A penis can be considered small when it measures roughly 8 centimeters in an erect state. This condition is referred to as micropenis.

Don’t believe the large penis hype, this is a ploy designed by advertisers to have you believe that the size of your penis matters to your partner. Understanding your partner’s sexual needs is the most important aspect when it comes to enjoying a great sexual relationship, not the size of your penis.

Do Penis-Enlargement Products Work?

Companies that offer penis enlargement solutions often include ‘scientific researchers’ who promise great results. These endorsements from researchers are meant to make you believe in the effectiveness of the products and their safety but, the one thing you will notice is that the claims are yet to be proven.

Marketers only rely on testimonials, before and after photos and questionable data. It’s important to note that dietary supplements are not required to have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval which means that the manufacturers do not have to prove that the products are safe or effective.

Penis-enlargement Products and Practices 

There are various types of penis enlargement products to help penis growth and these include:

  • Lotions and pills: These products will contain minerals, herbs, vitamins and hormones that could be harmful. They are also not clinically proven to work.
  • Vacuum pumps: These pumps swell up the penis by drawing blood into it. While they are used to treat erectile dysfunction and make the penis appear noticeably larger, the results are temporary. When used often, they could damage the penis’ elastic tissue.
  • Stretching: Stretching devices have been reported to increase the size by a centimeter or two but there still needs to be higher quality research conducted to establish the effectiveness of these tools and their safety.
  • Exercises: Exercises such as jelqing are used to push blood to the penis head. While this procedure is considerably safer than the above, no clinical data supports its effectiveness. Needless to say, it can be painful and could lead to disfigurement and scar formation.


Surgical procedures could do the trick but there are a lot of risks. The two common penis enlargement surgical procedures undertaken are:

  • Penis Lengthening: This procedure doesn’t really increase length; it actually reveals the hidden part of the penis by connecting the penis and the pelvic bone. The guy would have to use weights and perform stretching exercises to prevent the reattachment of the ligament.
  • Penis Widening: Controversial procedures have been undertaken to thicken the penis and these include tissue grafting, implanting fat and silicone.Widening procedures have had their fair share of risks and these include lump and bump formations in the penis.

A Word of Caution

Before you can undertake these procedures, understand the risks. To date, there are no procedures that have been well researched. Also, none of the major medical organizations approve of any of them.  If you are thinking of travelling out of the U.S to undergo these procedures, first speak to your practitioner about the risks and there are several. These include: nerve damage, difficult erections, decreased sensitivity and possible infections. Scarring is a possibility and this could leave your penis much shorter that it was.

Safe Remedies for Penis Enlargement

A few things that might actually help include:

  • Trimming pubic hair: This will make your penis appear larger and increase sensitivity around the penis base.
  • Losing weight: This helps enlarge the appearance and also leads to better endurance and strength.
  • Talk to your partner: Be open to discussing your worries and sexual preferences. This may reignite your sex life.
  • Consult a doctor or a certified counselor: A doctor or counselor should be able to educate you on the normal penis size and what you can do to better satisfy your partner without having to use penis enlargement products.