image001Soothing muscles and aching joints can easily be accomplished with a relaxing massage. A simple massage can improve your range of motion as well as help your stress levels. There are professional massages specifically for pregnant women. However, fitting an appointment into your busy schedule and the extra cost may not make it an option for you. Fortunately, there are a few techniques that your partner or friend can learn that will help provide your body with some much needed relief.

Is Back Massage During Pregnancy Safe?

Women can get a back massage during any point of their pregnancy. Many professional massage parlors will not take a patient who is in her first trimester of pregnancy due to the fact that there are increased statistics that state that miscarriages are more common during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Before beginning any massage routine, you should be sure to speak with your medical professional to make sure that it will be safe for you. Speaking with your medical professional is the best way to stay informed about the potential risk of getting back massages while you are pregnant. Educating yourself about the topic is the best way to ensure that you and your unborn child remain safe.

Benefits and Precautions Concerning Back Massage During Pregnancy


There are a lot of perks associated to getting a massage during pregnancy. Getting a back massage while you are pregnant can dramatically reduce the pain in your back and the aches in your joints as well as your muscles. A massage can also help reduce pain and tension in your shoulders and help with sore hips. A massage during pregnancy can also help improve your mood and even increase the endorphins in your brain that will help feel refreshing and in an overall better state of mind.

Precautions to Bear in Mind

  • Numerous professionals recommend that pregnant women receive a back massage while lying on their side.
  • Tables, even the ones with extra padding and baby bump spots, can still add pressure to the abdomen. This can cause the ligaments in the body to stretch. Stretching the ligaments in the abdomen during pregnancy can cause serious discomfort and possible dangers to both the pregnant woman and her unborn fetus.
  • All essential oils should be completed avoided during pregnancy.
  • Drink at least eight ounces of water after receiving a massage while pregnant.
  • Do everything and anything that you can to avoid stretching uterine ligaments during a back massage during pregnancy.
  • Do not put pressure of any kind on your abdomen.
  • Avoid touching pressure points on your wrists or your ankles because these pressure points stimulate pelvic and uterine muscles, which ultimately can cause contractions. This can lead to premature labor.
  • Massages with a vigorous motion should be avoided. Always use light strokes while giving a back massage to a pregnant woman.
  • If the pregnant woman feels any dizziness or discomfort, stop the massage immediately and consider seeking professional medical advice.

How to Safely Do Back Massage During Pregnancy at Home

Things to Know

There are many different ways for your partner to massage your back safely during pregnancy right in the comfort of your own home. The first step is learning the right method. Lie on your side with pillows positioned like an arrow point. Use pillows to properly support the neck and spine. Two pillows should be placed on the stomach as well as two pillows on the back.

How to Perform the Massage

Julie Howell is a neuromuscular therapist who has years of experience and degrees concerning this subject matter. She recommends that the partner of the pregnant woman massage with a soft fist instead of clenched one. Gently run the knuckles of the soft fist in a smooth curve soft.

You can easily massage both sides of the back by having the expectant mother switch sides. Make sure the pillows are laid into place correctly when you have the expectant mother switch sides. Start at the top of the neck and shoulders and massage down. Repeat long smooth strokes at least three times. Focus on the top of the back first. Slowly massage the lower back in soft circles using your fingers. While massaging, try to pull the muscle tissue away from the spine. Never massage directly on the spine of a pregnant woman.

Get It Done By a Professional: Find a Safe Massage Parlor 

  • Before getting a massage from a professional, be sure to discuss how they plan to give you the back massage. The importance of seeking a professional massage therapist cannot be stressed enough. Specifically try to seek out massage therapist that offers prenatal massages who employ certified professionals.
  • Check to see if a spa in your local area specifically offers massages for pregnant women. These massage parlors specifically offer massage tables that have an open space for the belly of pregnant women. These spas often offer massage therapists who are specifically trained to massage pregnant women.
  • If you are sensitive to smells during your pregnancy, you may want to ask the massage parlor to use lotions and oils that are scent free. You can ask for extra pillows and padding to make yourself comfortable.
  • Do not get a massage from a massage parlor that does not offer a prenatal massage therapist just to be on the safe side. It may be best to avoid aromatherapy massages while pregnant unless you book an aromatherapy massage with an experienced therapist treating expectant mothers.

Watch the following video for clear instruction: reducing back pain with a home back massage during pregnancy 

The following massage video can give you direct information about how to correctly massage your pregnant partner to ease her pain. It also teaches you various ways that you can give your pregnant partner a back massage without endangering the unborn child.