image001One of the biggest milestones for your new baby is getting the first baby haircut. Your baby’s newborn hair is one of the most special parts of being a baby. The sweet little curls and soft hair is a joy for mommies and daddies to stroke and cuddle. There comes a time when your baby will need his or her first haircut and you may want to know the best place or how to trim your baby’s hair.

The choice of where you get your baby’s first haircut is entirely up to you. Hair salons can be costly, so you may want to try and do the first haircut yourself at home. Wherever you choose, just make sure you keep a special lock of your baby’s hair. This is a very special event and you will want to remember those first curls.

When Is a Good Time for Getting the First Baby Haircut?

Even though getting the first baby haircut is very special for you, your baby may not think so. It can be a frightening experience the first time and you may have a fussy, wiggly child on your hands. Think about it: They make you sit still in a chair, place a drape around your shoulders, they spray you with water and come at you with scissors. All of this is done by a complete stranger. If your child suffers from “stranger anxiety” which happens around 9 months, you may end up with a screaming child who is now afraid of haircuts. As long as you plan this event for just the right time, it should go pretty well.

Babies with a full head of hair usually need their first haircut at around 8 or 9 months of age. There have been some baby’s hair that need one as early as 6 months or some as late as 2 years old. It just depends on the baby and when you are ready. One thing to think about as a parent is if you wish your baby to look like a baby or if you are ready to make them look a little more grown-up. Just know that baby curls usually do not return after the first haircut and hair will begin to grow in thicker after a trim.

How to Give Babies Their First Haircut at Home

Giving your baby the first haircut yourself at home may alleviate anxiety and make the experience easier for your baby. If you feel comfortable doing this yourself, here are some instructions on how to cut your baby’s hair:

1. Pick a Good Time for You and Your Baby

Finding the best time that your baby will not be fussy or wiggly will help. Make sure your baby isn’t tired or hungry before the haircut. The best time is usually after a meal and prior to a nap.

2. Place Your Baby in a Good Safe Place

You can use a highchair, booster seat with straps or anything that helps your baby sit up straight, but not crawl away from you. The most important part is that your baby is able to sit upright and hold his or her head up on their own. That is why 8 or 9 months is a good time. Allow your baby to read a book or play with a toy.

3. Figure out How Long You Want Your Baby’s Hair to Be

New baby hair tends to grow uneven the first year. It may be thinner or thicker in some spots or different lengths. If you try to over-correct for these issues, you may end up with hair that is too short. Maybe just a slight trim the first time is enough.

4. Use Sharp Scissors

Borrow or invest in a good pair of hair scissors. Scissors that you use around the house everyday may be too dull and can pull your baby’s hair. Besides, good sharp scissors will cut faster and the experience will be over quicker than if you are struggling to cut the hair.

5. Only Cut Small Sections at a Time

This prevents errors and uneven cutting. Use clips to hold other hair to the side while you work on just one small section. Squeeze the section you’re working on between your thumb and forefinger and only cut about a quarter of an inch at a time. After you are done, you can always trim some more if needed.

6. Don’t Push the Issue

If your baby gets fussy or wiggly, stop the haircut and try again after your baby has calmed down. Maybe try a snack and/or a nap and then try later.

Watch this helpful video on how to give a baby haircut:

More Tips on Getting the First Baby Haircut at a Salon



Only trim your baby’s hair

The first haircut only needs to be a little trim off the edges. This will help baby get used to the experience. Save the major haircuts after baby has been once or twice. Tell your hairstylist exactly what you are thinking or baby’s hair might end up too short.

Choose a reliable hairstylist

It is always a good idea to use a hairdresser that you know already. If so, both you and baby will have a relaxed happy experience. If you don’t personally know a stylist, find one from friend’s referrals that they know and trust.

Bring some distractions

Your baby will not understand why a complete stranger is coming at them with scissors and may fuss. Try bringing snacks, a favorite toy or a few books to distract them.

Pick the right time

Early in the day after breakfast and before naptime is the best time of day for a first haircut. Afternoons or right around naptime may mean a fussy baby.

Play pretend hairdresser at home

Show your baby how haircuts are by pretending at home. Start by putting baby in a chair in front of a mirror, wrap something around his or her shoulders and pretend to cut their hair. This will help them understand what is going on at the salon.

Keep a small lock of hair

Some salons have “first haircut” certificates that you can tape hair onto. Make sure you ask when you go. If not, ask to keep a small lock of hair that you can place in a baby book at home.

Don’t worry if it’s not good

Stay calm if baby’s first cut doesn’t look like you wanted. A squirmy baby can cause some unevenness and it may just look funny because it isn’t what you are used to. The good news is it will grow back and you can try different styles with each cut.

What Are the Different Traditions for Baby’s First Haircut?



An initiation

Newborn Muslim babies have their head shaved as a cleansing and initiation into the faith. Traditionally, the hair used to be weighed and a donation given in silver matching the weight of the hair. Nowadays, just a charitable donation is made in the baby’s honor. The new hair is either washed away in a body of water or sometimes just tossed out.

As an offering

Hindu babies will have their head shaved at around 7 months old to offer up to the family deity. The hair shaving ritual either takes place in the family temple or can be done at a hair salon and people place the hair in the temple at a later date. This ritual takes place at any of the odd numbered months in the first year.

A symbol of good luck

Chinese tradition says that the first haircut in a baby’s life is a symbol of good luck. There is a one-month recovery period and then the grandmother of the baby performs the first haircut. She then places a red hat on the baby. Some hair is left on the head. Chinese people are saddened that this tradition is done less and less in modern times.

Beginning of education

In the Jewish faith, boys do not get their hair cut until they are 3 years old. This haircut signals the beginning of their education and celebrating their 3rd birthday. This tradition is called an “upsherenish”.

End of babyhood

In any tradition or culture, the first haircut and taking off those soft baby curls means an end to “babyhood” and a more mature grown-up hairstyle. This is thought of a significant milestone in a baby’s life and a rite of passage into being a young child.