Why Am I Not Showing at 17 Weeks?

Pregnancy comes in all shapes and sizes, and if you’re 17 weeks not showing can be perfectly normal. The size of your bump depends on a lot of different things. It’s also up to the build of the individual person. You might be getting excited about wearing all of those cute maternity clothes. No worries, you will be sporting them sooner than you think! This article will help you understand more about the size of your baby in the 17th week of pregnancy, week 17 symptoms, and when you might be able to expect that bump to pop out.

17 Weeks Pregnant Not Showing

At this point when you are at 17 weeks without a bump, you are already looking around at other pregnant women wondering why they are showing and you are not. You most likely are also picking out the cute new styles of maternity clothes, but no reason to put them on. There are some very valid explanations why this happens in some people. 

Every single pregnancy and baby bump is unique. It also cannot determine how big your baby will be at birth. The size of your bump at 17 weeks depends on these factors:

  • Small Build - For some women who are 17 weeks not showing could be due to a small body frame. While your baby and uterus are probably perfectly normal, tighter abdominal muscles tend to take longer to stretch out.
  • Number of Pregnancies - First pregnancies can take a while for a bump to appear. Like the above, your abdominal muscles have never been stretched before. Women who are in their second, third, or fourth pregnancies tend to show quicker.
  • Baby’s Position - If your baby is laying side-to-side, you may start to show in the sides of your abdomen first, instead of the front. This appears more as weight gain in the hips, and not in the front of your body. In the late second trimester or early third, the baby will flip into a more natural position, and become more noticeable.
  • Low Amniotic Fluid - This condition can cause a smaller sized bump and needs to be monitored by your doctor. It may mean that the baby is also smaller in size. Your doctor will keep a check on your fluid levels, and possibly send you to a fetal specialist for this condition.
  • Hypertension/Pre-Clampsia - Hypertension and pre-eclampsia can lower the amount of oxygen and nutrients to your baby. This may also cause your baby to be smaller. Your baby will check your blood pressure and protein levels in your urine at each visit to check for these conditions.
  • Smoking During Pregnancy - If you smoke during pregnancy, your baby may not be getting enough oxygen. Smokers have a threefold risk of having a low birthweight baby.

How Big Is My Baby At 17 Weeks

Your baby is starting to grow bigger this week. They measure about 5 inches long, and weigh about 5 ounces. They are about the size of a pomegranate or beet. While they would actually fit into the palm of your hand, at this point they can still nestle deep into your pelvis. There are some women that don’t have a pregnancy bump at this time, but you can expect one soon.

What You Might Be Feeling At 17 Weeks

When you are at 17 weeks pregnant not showing, you don’t need need to worry because there are other things that can tell your pregnancy is going on perfectly normal.

  1. Digestive Issues

Even if you can’t see it, your uterus is beginning to rise up out of your pelvic area and push some organs upward. That coupled with pregnancy hormones can bring on loads of heartburn. This can feel like; burning in your esophagus, pain, belching, and feeling overly full. Your doctor will let you know what is safe to take for this.

You may also have severe constipation. This is part your body and part iron in prenatal vitamins. Your body does some amazing things to make sure you and your baby get enough nutrition through pregnancy. It actually slows down digestion so that your body can absorb the maximum amount of vitamins from your food. Then, you take constipating iron in your prenatals to top that off and it can make constipation very severe. Laxatives are not recommended in pregnancy because bowel contractions can trigger uterine contractions. Make sure you ask your doctor what to do. It is also good to increase your fluid intake, and make sure you eat foods high in fiber.

  1. Sciatica

Many women complain of sciatica this early, even if they are smaller. Sciatica is nerve pain in the pain right in the back of your hip and pelvis. It tends to feel like a “catch” in your lower back and can radiate down the leg. It is caused by pressure from the baby and organs, so this pain may tell you that your little one is getting bigger, and heavier.

To relieve this pain, try sleeping on your side with a body pillow and bend your leg at the knee. Make sure you are getting enough exercise, and if you have access to a pool, swimming can bring major relief to this symptom. 

  1. Spots on Skin

This is about the time when skin changes begin to occur. You may notice spots on your face known as, melasma. They are caused by the elevated hormone levels in your body. Make sure you use sunscreen when you go out in the sun, and practice good skin care. Chances are they will fade after your baby is born.

When Will I Begin Showing?

If you are 17 weeks pregnant not showing could be a signal that your belly will “pop-out” soon! Women who don’t show in the early second trimester, tend to “pop-out” all at once between 18 weeks, but even as late as 24 weeks. Rarely, there are women that don’t show at all due to the baby being turned to the back, and extra fat tissue in the abdominal muscles.