There is no doubt you have a lot of preparations to finish as you get closer to your due date, and you may wonder “can bending over hurt baby third trimester of pregnancy?” The nesting instinct kicks into full gear right about now, and you may be faced with challenges due to your increasing belly size. Floors need scrubbed, clothes need put into drawers that may be low, and you might even want to weed your garden. While your baby is nestled safe inside your womb, there are a few precautions you need to take to prevent injury to your baby and yourself. This article answers the question about the safety of bending over, then explains other safety issues to watch for in your third trimester, and offers tips on getting things done before you meet your new little one.

Can Bending Over Hurt Baby in Third Trimester?

Bending over won’t likely hurt your baby in the third trimester of pregnancy, but you can put yourself at risk for injury. Your baby is nestled inside a cushion of muscle, fluids, and the strong uterine wall. They can’t get squished. However, your belly can throw off your center of gravity and put you at risk for:


You may feel the heaviness of your belly in any position, but if you bend over it can definitely throw you off balance. You may not see something in front of your feet and trip. You may also lose your balance and topple over. The only danger to your baby may be landing on your stomach during a fall. A blow to the stomach may cause the placenta to separate, which will cut off the baby’s oxygen supply. This is known as placental abruption, and can be fatal to both you and your baby.

Pulled Groin Muscles

The extra weight in your front section is supported by many muscle groups. One of those are the groin muscles that lie in the front lower section of your pelvic area, and upper legs. They help your legs move when you are walking, but they also support and connect the hips to your abdomen. Straining them can be painful, enough to make you immobile for a few days until they heal. If you are wondering, “can bending over hurt baby third trimester,” not really, but it can cause you to pull a groin muscle.


Your blood volume is higher in the last stage of pregnancy, and a lot of it rests near your baby. If you bend over, it can cause the blood to rush upward. This can cause dizziness and even throw you off balance. If this happens, stand up slowly to avoid fainting.


Bending over can squeeze the abdominal muscles together and push stomach acids upward. Once they enter your esophagus, you may feel a burning sensation that does not go away immediately. Avoid bending forward, especially after eating a meal.

Lower Back Strain

All your belly weight is in your front section now. When you stand erect, the weight settles into your lower pelvis. If you bend over, it can pull on your back muscles and lead to a back strain.

Tips For Bending Over Safely

It may be inevitable that you need to bend over at some point in your pregnancy. If you are wondering, “can bending over hurt baby third trimester,” it may not cause any issues if you use good body mechanics. Here are some tips to bend over in a safe manner:

  • Before you bend over, see if there is someone who can help you first. Better to ask for help to avoid any injuries.
  • Use your legs to lower yourself to the floor in a squat by bending at the knees.
  • Keep your feet together and align them with your body.
  • Hold onto something while you bend or squat.
  • Listen to your body. Don’t bend any further than you’re comfortable.
  • Place commonly used objects at a higher level in easy reach i.e. cleaning supplies up on a shelf instead of under a cupboard, shoes up off the floor to grab easily, keep laundry baskets on a table or the dryer, etc.
  • Get a grabber stick. A pole with grabbers on the end that you squeeze the handle to pick things up. Check your local hardware store.
  • Mop your floors instead of scrubbing by hand.
  • Try wearing slip-on shoes to avoid having to tie laces.
  • Go out and get a pedicure, you deserve it. Clipping and doing your own foot care can involve long periods of bending over.

Safety Concerns in Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Here are some other common concerns:

  1. Travel

You may be concerned about travel during the last trimester of your pregnancy. Airlines may even have regulations against travel during this time. Complications can occur like:

  • Blood clots in the legs from long periods of sitting
  • Early labor and delivery on airplanes
  • Risk of contagious illnesses

If you must travel in your last trimester, check with the airlines and your doctor. It is generally not recommended to travel after the 32nd week of pregnancy.

  1. Exercise

In a healthy pregnancy with no complications, exercise is usually encouraged as long as it is safe. Safe exercises include; pregnancy yoga, walking, swimming, and indoor stationary cycles. Always check with your doctor to see if an exercise is okay before starting.

  1. Safe Sleeping Positions

While sleeping on your stomach is out of the question, there are a few concerns with sleeping positions. The safest position is on either side with your knees supported by pillows. Sleeping on your back can reduce circulation to the uterus and baby. Your doctor may even recommend that sleeping on the left side is best for the best blood flow.

It’s perfectly normal to have safety concerns during your last months of pregnancy. If you have asked, “can bending over hurt baby third trimester,” you may also have other questions about what you can and cannot do.