image001 Pregnancy is an important part of any woman’s lifecycle; it should be regarded precious since it involves bringing up another human being. Pregnancy comes with a lot of overwhelming emotion and apprehension that everything you could be doing may potentially harm the developing baby. People will even go further to offer unsought advice including such phrases as “Do not consume this,” or “You should eat that.” This article will explain in detail whether or not you should eat chocolate during pregnancy and what precautions should be taken.

Is Eating Chocolate During Pregnancy Safe?

It is generally safe for pregnant women to eat chocolate because studies have shown to prove certain benefits of eating chocolate during pregnancy. However, pregnant women should ensure their caffeine intake is below 200 mg per day. Chocolate contains caffeine and accumulation of caffeine in the body of a pregnant woman may interfere with her body’s functioning. It affects the neurotransmitters giving a false feeling of well-being. Besides this effect, increased consumption of chocolate may lead to gestational diabetes and weight gain due to the extra calories it provides. Thus, it’s all about moderation; eating chocolate excessively could pose possible harms. Consult your doctor about how much chocolate is Ok for you if you are still concerned.

Possible Benefits of Eating Chocolate during Pregnancy

Different types of chocolates exist and they come in different textures, although not all of these chocolates are bound to be harmful to pregnant women. There are different kinds of chocolates which have numerous benefits and they include the dark chocolates, those with less sugar amount, organic and cocoa rich chocolates. These chocolates prove to be excellent and offer a couple of essential health benefits especially to pregnant women. Here are other benefits.



Helps in blood pressure regulation

Cocoa has Theobromine which is important in regulating blood pressure in pregnant women.

Dark chocolate may help in preventing pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia is among many causes of premature birth. This condition is characterized by high blood pressure in pregnant women. Eating dark chocolate may relieve this condition.

Both you and your babies may be happier

Chocolate is a stress reliever. It boosts and improves a pregnant woman's mood.

Researchers point out that pregnant women under a lot of stress can give birth to livelier and happier babies if they often eat chocolate.

Chocolate contains essential antioxidants

Chocolates have flavonoids which contain potent antioxidants that improve immunity.

Chocolate contains magnesium, iron, and other nutrients

Magnesium aids significantly with metabolism of fatty acid.

Iron is a great nutrient that ensures health of a pregnant woman.

Chocolate aids in prevention of heart disease

Dark chocolate's has antioxidant properties which play a major role in heart disease prevention.

Chocolate is important in reducing cholesterol levels and in weight management

Dark chocolate, when consumed with moderation, can help reduce cholesterol levels in pregnant women.

How to Choose Best Chocolate During Pregnancy

1. Keep It Dark

The Dark chocolate contains massive health benefits as compared to its milk chocolate equivalent. It contains around 600 essential compounds which include magnesium, flavonoids, iron and theobromine. The flavonoids in cocoa have antioxidant properties which help in enhancing the benefits of vitamin C, boosting vascular function and lowering blood pressure. Darker chocolates are the best for pregnant women.

2. Avoid Mousse

The chocolate mousse shouldn’t be eaten during pregnancy, and it’s not recommended for the child’s health either. Mousse contains raw eggs that may cause illnesses such as toxoplasmosis and listeriosis. Hence, the mousse should be avoided due to the risk of bacteria which can be transmitted to the unborn baby. It’s advisable to stick to the other forms of chocolate during pregnancy.

3. Organic with Little Sugar

You should look for chocolates with the minimum amount of refined white sugar or sweeteners. With certified organic chocolate there is a greater assurance of unessential residues or GMOs and since cocoa is nutritional, look for bars containing at least 65 percent cocoa.

More Facts on Chocolate Nutritional Value

Below are facts about chocolate so you can be better informed.

  • Fat and Calories

Chocolate offers great health benefits, however, excessive consumption of chocolate during pregnancy leads to extreme weight gain contributed by the increased calories and fat intake. Weight gain during pregnancy may lead to gestational diabetes, varicose veins, fatigue, high blood pressure and an increased possibility for caesarean section delivery. One and a half ounce of milk chocolate has 235 calories and 13 g of fat, similar quantity of dark chocolate gives you 290 calories with 19 g of fat.

  • Caffeine

During pregnancy it’s important to monitor caffeine intake and if possible limit it to less than 200 mg per day since it’s linked with miscarriage. Chocolate has a certain caffeine percentage. Excessive intake of caffeine in combination with tea, coffee and soft drinks, may exceed the amount of caffeine considered healthy during pregnancy. One and a half ounce of milk chocolate contains 9 mg caffeine, and the same quantity of dark chocolate contains 43 mg of caffeine.

  • Sugar

Chocolate has high sugar content of about 23 g per 1.5 ounce of milk chocolate and around 18 g for the same dark chocolate amount. Consumption of excess sugar during pregnancy leads to gestational diabetes, weight gain, and dental health issues. To ensure that you consume safe amount of sugar for you and the developing baby you can contact your obstetrician.