41 Weeks Pregnant Groin Pain

As a woman enters the third trimester of pregnancy, expectations for the baby’s arrival grow and excitement sets in. The baby is considered to term between the 38th to the 40th week, when most babies are normally born. Your baby will soon be arriving and this time can be very exciting, but physically challenging. Many changes occur in your body, and if you're up to 41 weeks pregnant, groin pain can be a problem.

The Engagement and 41 Weeks Pregnant Groin Pain (or 39 Weeks Groin Pain)

As your pregnancy moves closer to your baby’s delivery, the baby’s head goes lower into your pelvis, drops, and becomes engaged. This occurs in preparation for normal labor. For some women who are about 36 weeks pregnant, burning sensation in groin can be felt. More commonly at39 weeks, groin pain symptoms can occur.

With the engagement of your baby’s head into your pelvis as late as 41 weeks pregnant, groin pain may occur as pressure builds up. Your bladder may feel full all the time, but you will feel that you can breathe easier because the baby is pushing less against your diaphragm now. This stage, called lightening, is also accompanied by an increase in appetite, with less pressure against the stomach.

The Uterus and 41 Weeks Pregnant Groin Pain (or 39 Weeks Groin Pain)

While the uterus is just about 8 cm long, 5 cm wide and about 50 g in weight before pregnancy, it can grow to as long as 30 cm, as wide as 22 cm and as heavy as 1 kg by the end of pregnancy.

Your uterus is a highly muscular organ, with each muscle cell growing several times in length and width during your pregnancy. After the 24th week, your uterus stretches longitudinally with a thick upper portion and a thin lower segment encircling the bottom part. The lower portion is fully developed by the 36th week. It takes up your cervix during labor as the muscle cells of your uterus shorten with each contraction. This leads to dilation (or opening) of your cervix, as your baby pushes down your birth canal.

During pregnancy, your uterus tends to lean towards the right side supported by ligaments that attach it to the pelvic bones and your lower back. The ligaments are stretched as your uterus grows in size to stabilize it while the baby moves within. As these ligaments are stressed, some women, 36 weeks pregnant, burning sensation in groin can be experienced. For others, at 39 weeks, groin pain begins as a dull ache.

What Does Groin Pain in Pregnancy Mean?

What People Say About 41 Weeks Pregnant Groin Pain

A reader asks, "I'm 41 weeks pregnant and I am having groin pains around the pubic bone and abdomen, although there are no contractions. However, sometimes there are contractions lasting for a few seconds accompanied by some pains. Is this a sign that labor is about to begin or is my body just getting ready?"

Some reactions from other readers:

Mira: "I've been experiencing pressure and irregular abdominal pains that make me feel like doubling up. I asked a midwife about it and she said that my body is just getting prepared for labor."

Jessie: "I can barely lift my legs to put on my pants. My obstetrician told me that 41 weeks pregnant groin pain is due to the normal shifting of the pelvic bones in preparation for the baby’s arrival and that I should not worry about."

What People Say About 39 Weeks Groin Pain

Another reader asks, "At 39 weeks, groin pain occurs when my baby moves a lot, especially at the right side, down the pubic area. It sometimes surprises me and I want to know if everything is ok. I also notice the sharp pains when I am standing."

Some reactions from other readers:

Pearl: "I asked my doctor about it and she says that it is the baby's head pressing on the nerves as it drops down the pelvis."

Tanya: "My doctor said the same thing. She also says that it is partly from my cervix contracting. It hurts like hell but it is good to know that it means progress!"

What People Say About 36 Weeks Pregnant, Burning Sensation in Groin

From another reader: "I am 36 weeks pregnant, with a burning sensation in my groin. A friend told me it is because my baby is 'already in position,' but my groin hurts. There is no skin irritation. Does anyone know why this happens?"

Bella: "I experienced same thing but I was not in labor. My baby’s head used to press on a nerve and it was really painful. It made me stop whatever I was doing and tensed up! I hope the baby comes out soon!"

Cora: "I felt the same way last week. My doctor said my baby is just getting into the pelvis, which is very normal, and may be hitting some nerves. It’s funny that women seem to describe it differently, from a burning to a stinging or stabbing kind of pain, sometimes even numbness. It is natural, but uncomfortable. I hope you get better."