image001The symptoms of pregnancy are bound to change when you step into the thirty-third week of your pregnancy. Since you are now in your third trimester, the frequency of your doctor visits must increase if there is a likelihood of a complication.

The challenges you will be up against this week are far greater and more emotionally draining than the past weeks. Your baby is now almost fully grown and his movements are going to make it extremely hard for you to get any rest or comfort. The pregnancy might start annoying you as well and you would want to get it over with as soon as possible.

Remaining positive at this juncture of the pregnancy is most important as you are soon going to be rewarded for your patience with your baby. While you are waiting for the big day, you can expect the following things to happen this week.

What Are the Pregnancy Symptoms at 33 Weeks?




Stronger fetal activity

Fetal movements become stronger and more profound. If you are unable to count at least ten movements in an hour from your baby, then he might be hungry.

Eat something or drink a glass of juice to supply the baby with some needed energy.

Occasional headaches

The headaches can be a result of growing fatigue as well as oversleeping.

Take as much rest as possible, but do not compensate for sleep by oversleeping.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins can be ugly and extremely painful, but you don’t have anything to worry about if you did not have them before your pregnancy.

They will soon go away once you have your baby in your arms.

Lower abdominal achiness

You might start experiencing pain while getting up suddenly which is a sign of round ligament pain.

If the pain is not accompanied by other symptoms such as fever or bleeding, then it can be overcome simply by lying down in a comfortable position.

Changes of nails

Your nails are going to become brittle because of the hormonal changes that are taking place in your body.

Eating foods that have lots of Biotin present in them should do the trick. Start consuming bananas, nuts, avocados and even gelatin capsules.

Protruding navel

The belly button is sure to pop out.

Don’t worry. It is going to get back to its normal position when the pregnancy is over.

Breath shortness

The increasing weight of your belly will push the lungs and make it hard for them to expand fully resulting in a shortness of breath.

Stand upright for a while so that the lungs get the chance to expand a little.


Your body’s center of gravity has changed which is causing you to become clumsy.

Don’t rush or run. Try doing everything slowly.


Your brain might become clouded and you would start forgetting things. It is your baby’s gender that is causing it.

If it is a boy, you will be much less forgetful than you would be if it is a girl.

Braxton Hicks Contractions

If you have already gone through pregnancy before then, you are going to have these fake contractions known as Braxton Hicks contractions.

Change your position and they are going to go away quickly.

How Does Your Baby Grow When You're 33 Weeks Pregnant?

The baby would have reached a weight of about 4 pounds by now and his height would be more than 17 inches. The skeleton of the baby is becoming solid and he is looking more like a human. The bones of the baby’s skull would not have fused together just yet and would help him in coming out of the birth canal.

You can watch this video and get more information about how your baby grows when you are 33 weeks pregnant:

How Does Your Life Change When You're 33 Weeks Pregnant?

In the last few weeks of pregnancy, the baby begins to expand and the mother’s belly becomes even more swollen. This increase in your size would make it difficult for you to stand and walk. Even sitting and sleeping would become very tedious. You will also start having painful cramps and numbness in your arms and feet as well. Making use of splint in such a situation is a good idea as it is going to help you in resting your arm and decreasing the pain.

What About Diet at 33 Weeks Pregnancy?

When you are 33 weeks pregnant, you would have to watch out what you eat. Increasing your intake of fiber rich foods like apricots and plums is a good idea since it is going to help you in avoiding constipation. Drinking water is also necessary along with the increased consumption of a fiber-rich diet.

Your heartburn symptoms might increase at this stage, so avoid taking any spicy foods as they are going to increase the pain. Try eating simple foods frequently to avoid this pain.

What Can You Plan for 33 Weeks Pregnancy?

Talk with your doctor about an episiotomy. An episiotomy is a surgical procedure in which an incision is made to enlarge the vaginal opening. It is done so that the baby can come out without problem during delivery. However, mostly episiotomies can be avoided by performing Kegel exercises.

More Tips on 33 Weeks Pregnancy

1. Avoid Lying on Your Back

Lying on your back at this stage is not recommended since it is going to stop the blood flow to your uterus. Moreover, the blood vessels present in the lower extremities especially the Inferior Vena Cava are going to be compressed by the expanding uterus and it would not be able to pump blood to the heart. This would cause your blood pressure to drop. Thus, it is best to lie on your left side as it will promote the flow of blood to the uterus as well as help you in sleeping comfortably.

2. Take Some Exercises

Doing some kind of exercises is extremely important during the last few weeks of pregnancy. You might experience numbness or a tingling sensation in your limbs because of your lack of movement which can be avoided by doing light exercise.

3. Wash Your Baby's Clothing and Bedding

Wash all of the clothes that have been given to you as gifts for your baby. However, when washing, remember to make use of a detergent that has been especially designed for infants for removing the irritants that are present in these fabrics.

4. Have Safe Sexual Intercourse

Having safe sexual intercourse can help you in calming down and feeling relaxed. Consult the opinion of your doctor beforehand to make sure that there is no risk of any complication.

5. Tips for Your Partner

Discuss family planning and birth control options with your partner. She is going through so much that she would not have thought about. Since it is an important topic, you should bring it up and decide together the birth control option that you both agree on.