It is basic human nature to sing to our babies when they are little. We offer them little words, coos and songs to help them learn and develop communication skills. Singing to our babies, like nursery rhymes and lullabies, can also help to calm them down when they are fussy. Many mothers sing to their babies when they are still in the womb. It has been proven scientifically that babies can hear, recognize and respond to their mother’s voice during pregnancy.

Songs for baby are little tidbits of a mother’s love for their children in a melody. Singing to a child helps them feel a spiritual connection, forms an intimate bond with the parent and brings a sense of calm to both. All of this helps you get to know each other baby and share some time together.

List of Songs to Sing To Baby

1. Itsy Bitsy Spider

The song “Itsy Bitsy Spider” is a song about a spider crawling up a waterspout. It was first seen around the year 1910 and has hand gestures to mimic the lyrics of the song.

Best Time To Sing: Playtime to Help Build Motor Skills

2. Rock A Bye Baby

This song dates all the way back to the 17th century and depicts how people used to place their babies in birch bark cradles and suspend them from a tree branch to rock them to sleep.

Best Time To Sing: Naptime or Bedtime for Sleep

3. Pat–A–Cake

This nursery rhyme has been around since about the year 1698. This song has clapping hand gestures to go along with the lyrics.

Best Time To Sing: Playtime/Activity Time for Motor Skills

4. Ring Around The Rosie

This song is more appropriate for children who are walking well and is sung while walking in a circle. It originated in the late 1700’s.

Best Time To Sing: Playtime/Activity Time

5. This Little Piggy

This popular one of songs to sing to baby appeared in London around the year 1728. It is a rhyme that is spoken while using your fingers to wiggle baby’s corresponding toes. Each line of the song matches up to one of the toes.

Best Time To Sing: Playtime/Activity Time

6. This Is The Way The Ladies Ride

The origins of this nursery rhyme have actually been lost in history, but many people remember their grandmothers long ago bouncing them on their knees and singing this song.

Best Time To Sing: Playtime

7. Old MacDonald Had A Farm

This is a song about a farmer and his farm animals. During the song, you teach baby to make animal sounds to correspond with each farm animal.

Best Time To Sing: Quiet Activities

8. Kumbayah

This is a religious song that has been sung around many campfires and in many baby nurseries since 1920. There are many stories of its origin from a slave song in the southern U.S. to a poem submitted by a student. Regardless of the origin, it is a popular bedtime lullaby for babies.

Best Time To Sing: Bedtime

9. Mary Had A Little Lamb

This song was inspired by an actual event that occurred in the mid – 1800’s. A little girl had her lamb follow her to school. A young man in town was inspired by seeing this and penned this poem.

Best Time To Sing: Quiet Time

10. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This popular English lullaby was actually a poem written in 1806 by Jane Taylor. It was called “The Star.”

Best Time To Sing: Quiet Time/Bedtime

Finally, watch the video to learn top 15 songs to sing to baby: